Sales resume examples

Sales manager job description

Sales managers are responsible for the sale of certain products or the sale of entire product areas of a company. In the foreground are set requirements that must be achieved and that are mainly defined by sales targets. The planning, management, and control of all sales activities fall within the scope of the job description. This includes that existing and previous processes are analyzed, corrected, optimized, or even expanded if necessary. Based on continuous observation of the sales and market development, sales managers develop sales-promoting strategies to at least achieve the goals, in the best case to exceed them.

Sales managers have a high degree of personal responsibility for the success of their assigned area and often work in a leading position. Usually, they are in front of a team which they instruct and coordinate. In this way, upcoming tasks must be precisely communicated and transferred to individual team members. In this leadership role, they continue to ensure that training courses are carried out and that the employees can act up to date.

Also, sales managers are in close contact with customers, who must be tied to the product using suitable methods. In customer communication, contract negotiations must also be carried out and new customers must be continuously won.

The activities are predominantly carried out in offices. Talks with customers often take place on-site. Also, sales managers may be deployed directly at the point of sale, i.e. at the point of sale of the products. Working materials are the products themselves, but above all office supplies, the computer, and various documents. Sales managers find employment in all areas of the economy.

Sales manager responsibilities and requirements

Access to the profession is granted to people with a commercial background or a degree with a focus on economics, management, marketing, or sales. Further training to become a specialist sales consultant qualifies as well as a degree in international economics. The information and requirements in the job advertisements are decisive. Also, knowledge of the products and markets of the respective economic sector is beneficial – if you apply for a position in which sporting goods are to be sold, experience or training or a degree in the sport will of course help. Nonetheless, a thematic lateral entry is also possible, as the mechanisms of sales are often generally applicable.

Sales managers initially have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of sales. This applies, for example, to controlling, costing and cost accounting, sales, and marketing. Further know-how in areas such as quality assurance, contract law, bookkeeping, or in general business administration is also beneficial. The routine handling of numbers is part of daily business.

The high level of personal responsibility means that sales managers can work independently and make quick decisions on a solid basis. Your approach is based on analytical skills. With structure, they derive strategies and future activities for sales. The focus is always on entrepreneurial success, which requires sales-oriented thinking.

The job profile also requires very good communication skills: In conversations with customers, a service-oriented and confident manner is required. When dealing with employees, sales managers show both a high level of empathy and assertiveness. In their position, they represent the company externally, for example in presentations or customer meetings. An eloquent demeanor and accomplished use of language are an advantage here. Since the companies in many industries operate internationally, business fluent foreign language skills are often required. Good communication skills are therefore essential for exercising the profession on various levels.

Also, motivation and commitment are among the basic characteristics of sales managers. Working hours can sometimes be irregular, for example, conferences or meetings often take place on weekends.