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Career Objective:

To obtain a safety officer position with “Global Advantage, Inc.” and ensure workplace activities are in compliance with the federal regulations and standards.

Summary of Skills:

  • Strong experience in root cause analysis and safety assessment

  • Experienced in handling emergencies and taking appropriate decisions

  • Ability to monitor and implement safety measures and effective strategies to reduce risks and hence improved safety

  • Strong knowledge of safety procedure (OSHA and NEBOSH standards)

  • Ability to handle disposal of highly hazardous chemical products carefully and successfully

  • Skilled in safety planning and safety orientation

Work Experience:

Safety Officer

Silver Construction Company, Weedville, PA

October 2015 – Present

  • Developing and implementing safety policies for preventing workplace injuries

  • Training and guiding employees in staying safe and averting accidents

  • Inspecting, monitoring, and enforcing safety guidelines according to federal regulations and standards

  • Inspecting interior and exterior work areas and analyzing safety hazards

  • Ensuring workers are wearing safety gears and taking actions against violators of the rules

  • Conducting investigation on workplace accidents, if any, and taking appropriate actions

Junior Safety Officer

Skyline Construction Company, Weedville, PA

February 2012 – September 2015

  • Trained and coached employees on OSHA and other safety topics

  • Planned and implemented measures to prevent fire and accidents due to hazardous materials

  • Identified training needs and developed appropriate training programs

  • Conducted regular safety audits and presented reports to the management

  • Analyzed and purchased latest safety equipment for workers

  • Reviewed and resolved compliance problems and reported metrics to measure status and progress


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Safety Engineering

    ABC University, Weedville, PA


  • Certification in OSHA

    ABC Technical Institute, Weedville, PA



On request.