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Career Objective:

My aim in life is to reach the zenith of professional excellence through consistent hard work and innovative application of techniques and prove to be an asset to the organization by delivering excellent results

Summary of Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of revenue flow management tools and procedures in a conventional business environment
  • Ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds while maintaining cordial relationships with all of them
  • Curious to learn new techniques and adapt them in order to increase productivity
  • Comfortable to work for extended periods of time and handle additional tasks apart from routine job responsibilities
  • Ability to overcome challenging situations and provide resolutions to the most complicated problems

Details of Work Experience

Revenue Manager at Stiller Technologies, San Diego

Working since November 2008

Job Duties

  • Evaluate revenue flow and identify discrepancies in the process
  • Research about the investment options and provide feasible solutions to funds into profitable investments
  • Prepare database to monitor percentage of funds used for different processes
  • Prepare detailed reports to explain the flow of revenues and possible measures to reduce operational costs to increase accumulation of revenue
  • Provide technical support to the junior staff
  • Perform additional activities as assigned and handle training programs in absence of trainers

Revenue Manager at Werner Inc., San Diego

Worked from April 2005 to October 2008

Job Duties

  • Worked with the regional revenue manager to develop branch specific revenue flow analysis model
  • Conducted recruitment and training programs with the HR Manager
  • Introduced new program to manage flow of funds according to individual requirements of different departments
  • Evaluated staff performance and provided suggestions for promotion of deserving employees
  • Prepared detailed revenue flow analysis reports

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

Master’s Degree in Finance

St Vincent College of Business Management

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

St Vincent College of Business Management


Will be provided on request

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