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Career Objective:

I want to be a part of an organization that recognizes my talent and allows me to utilize my knowledge and experience for fulfillment of organizational goals

Professional Strengths

  • Skilled in using a wide range of digital applications that aid communication, research, and database management for enterprises
  • Ability to handle a large team and several processes simultaneously with equal dedication to each person and process
  • Skilled in learning and adapting new techniques and procedures to enhance my productivity
  • Can easily handle unexpected and emergency situations at workplace with ease
  • An outwardly and receptive approach allows me to develop excellent relations with colleagues, clients, and other people concerned with the organizational affairs

Details of Work Experience

Revenue Cycle Manager at Webley Associates, Seattle

Working since June 2006

Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with the sales and marketing staff and ensure that promotion is done through proper channels
  • Gather, segregate, and verify data and share the database with the telemarketers
  • Meet and communicate with corporate clients and understand their requirements
  • Provide product specifications to the plant staff and ensure that the goods are produced and delivered on time
  • Recruit, train, evaluate, and promote staff
  • Review and reconcile accounts and calculate quarterly and annual revenue
  • Define annual goals and prepare strategies to achieve the goals in due time

Revenue Cycle Manager at Freeman Inc., Seattle

Worked from October 2002 to May 2006

Job Responsibilities

  • Supported the accounts staff and assisted in the preparation of quarterly and annual accounts
  • Introduced new applications for the accounts department
  • Recruited and trained senior accountants
  • Revised and implemented new policies
  • Prepared quarterly and annual revenue reports and presented the same during board meetings

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Seattle School of Business Management

High School Diploma

Methodist High School


Will be provided on request

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