Registered Nurse Resume

Career Summary:

Compassionate and certified Registered Nurse with over 5+ years of experience in observing, and monitoring patients and adminitering medications. Adept at providing exceptional care and managing unstable patients with composure. Detail-oriented professional skilled at administering medicines and giving required support to patients and their families.

Summary of Skills:

  • Observing and monitoring patients’ vital signs and reporting changes to doctors

  • Capable of providing compassionate healthcare by careful monitoring of patient responses to the implemented treatments

  • Performing dianostic tests and physical exams on patients

  • Sound knowledge of administering medication through IV management and maintaining confidentiality of treatments via HIPPA compliance

  • Expertise in providing first aid services to injuries and cleaning accident wounds

  • Precise knowledge of sterilization and maintenance of medical instruments and equipment

  • Ability to perform primary checkups and give initial diagnosis

  • Ability to emphatize with and provide support to patients and their families

Work Experience:

Registered Nurse

Samaritan Urgent Care, SW Philomath Blvd, Oregon

January 2017 – Present

  • Delegating duties and tasks to staff nurses and interns, and overseeing overall patient care

  • Collecting medical histories, and administering IVs and other prescribed medications

  • Providing pre and post surgery care, and following up with patients

  • Assisting in emergency care unit and treating unstable patients with IV Drip and IV push medications, observing patient response, and side-effects

  • Evaluating effectiveness of the treatment given by comparing patient response with expected outcomes

  • Monitoring patient’s response to medication and readiness to prepare documents for discharge by focusing on psychological/ physical health

Registered Nurse

Emmy’s Women’s Healthcare Clinic, Philomath, Oregon

October 2014 – December 2016

  • Conducted weekly exercise training sessions for expecting mothers and assisted them when performing exercising techniques

  • Assisted pregnant women to manage weight with safe and easy exercises, and ensured optimal fetal health

  • Collected blood, urine, and sputum samples for lab tests, and interpreted results

  • Worked with doctors to attend to patients from puberty to old age women and educated them on overall health precautions to be taken

  • Helped doctors to perform non-invasive procedures and provided top healthcare facilities to mothers post delivery

  • Hired a staff of 10 nursing professionals and trained them about the clinic’s regulation policies

Registered Nurse

Amble General Hospital, Eugene, OR

July 2012 – September 2014

  • Prepared and administered all medicines before operation as directed by the surgeon and helped anesthesiologists

  • Gained exposure in operation theater and understood the appropriate use of retractors, different medical instruments, suctioning methods and sponging techniques to dress complex wounds

  • Assisted surgeons in medical procedures and placed drains as instructed to help with the cannulation methods

  • Collected blood samples, coagulated bleeding points litigated blood vessels and performed other procedures to get complete homeostasis reports

  • Coordinated with healthcare professionals to determine individual patient needs and took responsibility to assist 5+ daily patients to perform routine tasks


Nursing Intern

Amble General Hospital, Eugene, OR

May 2011 – June 2012

  • Changed patient dressing under the observation of RN’s

  • Checked weight and blood pressure in the out-patient department and assisted to create case paper for first time visitors

  • Administered injections and oral medicines as per the physician’s recommendation and observed for behavioral changes in patients

  • Handled IV injections and other medications to critical patients under the supervision of doctors

  • Assisted surgeons for supplying medical instruments like trigger point injections in procedures such as cryotherapy

  • Reviewed patient feedback forms and facilitated procedures for admissions, discharge, or transfers to multispeciality hospitals


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    University of Oregon, Eugene, OR



  • BLS and ACLS

    State Medical Board, Eugene, OR



On request.

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