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Career Objective:

To work as a regional service manager for the customer service operations, utilize my expertise in this domain to streamline the process and contribute in the progress of the organization

Summary of Skills

  • An experienced individual in customer service operations
  • Ability to achieve assigned targets consistently within the assigned time limit
  • Can easily switch between tasks and maintain equilibrium in the levels of dedication for each task
  • Excellent skills of working and delivering excellent results with limited resources
  • Excellent team building, problem solving, and communication skills
  • Skilled in identifying loopholes in current procedures and patterns and eliminating the same to enhance the process

Details of Work Experience

Designation: Regional Customer Service Manager

Organization: Tacoma Inc.

Duration: March 2006 to present

Job Responsibilities

  • Identify manpower requirements according to the process requirements and communicate the same to branch offices
  • Defining and revising monthly, quarterly, and annual targets for the region
  • Participate in the recruitment process to select the most competent individuals for customer service department
  • Identify discrepancies and resolve issues faced by the employees to streamline the operations
  • Assess individual performance of each employee
  • Schedule training sessions for old employees and recommend promotion for the staff during annual appraisal
  • Prepare reports and deliver presentations during board meetings

Designation: Assistant Regional Customer Service Manager

Organization: Johnson Inc.

Duration: June 2001 to February 2006

Job Responsibilities

  • Developed budgets and goals for the customer service operations
  • Implemented new policies and strategies to enhance productivity of the department as a whole
  • Diagnosed and resolved complex that were escalated and could not be resolved by customer service associates
  • Assessed employee performances, recommended promotions for deserving candidates, and issued warnings to employees delivering poor performances
  • Prepared reports for monthly, quarterly, and annual performance of the department and delivered presentations during company meetings
  • Performed all other tasks as assigned

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

  • Degree: Master’s Degree in Business Administration

    Major: Human Resource Management

    Year: 2000

    Institute: Los Angeles School of Business Practices

  • Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

    Major: Labor Relations Management

    Year: 1998

    Institute: Los Angeles School of Business Practices


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