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Career Objective:

Seek the Challenging Position of Senior Radiologic Technician

An extremely capable Radiologic Technician with vast experience in creating the clinical diagnostic radiographic films, doing regular diagnostic imaging practices according to the departmental policy, protocol and procedures and launched standards of practices.

Qualifications Summary:

  • Over 8 years experience as a Radiologic Technician.
  • Special ability to run diagnostic radiology equipment under supervision of the radiologists or another medical officer to create radiographic studies utilized in the medical diagnosis and treatments.
  • Vast knowledge of related policies and regulations, and ability to correctly understand and utilize to work performance.
  • Outstanding knowledge of radiation chemistry, physics and utilization of unsafe substances.
  • Great knowledge of the test techniques and instrument utilization.
  • Outstanding knowledge of lab procedures and policies.
  • Special knowledge of physiology and anatomy, radiological location, radiology protocols and position orders, the CDC protocols, and radiation security procedures.
  • Great knowledge of defensive maintenance and troubleshooting for the radiographic equipment.
  • Ability to utilize sensitometers and other related equipment.
  • Outstanding ability to maintain correct and exact records associated to services.
  • Deep ability to review the quality of and confirm the outcomes of testing previous to the reporting results.
  • Good ability to talk successfully with the public health personnel, patients, other public members.
  • Profound knowledge of regular medical office methods and management related to operations of clinics.
  • Amazing skills in utilization and maintenance of the radiographic equipment.
  • Deep skill in patient arrangement for the radiography and in creating high-quality images.
  • Great ability to efficiently keep records library and to remove records according to the regulations.

Professional Experience:

University New York, Tarrytown

Radiologic Technician (2003 – Present)

  • Do radiographic techniques, position and work conventional and particular equipment for a purpose of doing mammography exams.
  • Done management work and a quality assurance to help scheduling of all patients and accuracy and totality of the records in Diagnostic Imaging Divisions.
  • Accept patients and explaining process of procedures.
  • Carry out radiographic tests utilizing particular low dose methods, positions patients, choose and place technical factors and regulate equipment factors considering the physical distinctions in patients and create exposures essential for requested process.
  • Ensure that sterile materials, contract materials, local anesthetics, catheters, and further needed equipment are available and laid out.
  • Evaluate sensitivity of film processor.
  • Follow and keep records of protective maintenance, equipment service call, and quality control measures.
  • Keep statistics relating to radiographic studies.
  • Organize job of other technicians when the procedures needs over 1 person.
  • Help with on-job training of fresh staff and students, and give input to overseers regarding the training performance.

Radiologic Technician Intern (1997 – 2003)

St. Michael Pvt. Clinic, Tarrytown

  • Done regular routine diagnostic imaging procedures according to departmental protocols, policies and procedures.
  • Established standards of practice, controlled radiographic equipments, developed films, prepared rooms, equipment, materials and medications.
  • Offered patient care service using general and specified imaging modalities under control of physician but not needing continuous technical supervision.
  • Offered radiology services to the patients of every age.
  • Used ionizing radiation in performance of several technical methods for a radiological diagnosis.
  • Accountable for a patient care security.
  • Helped physicians in performance of processes and management of the contrast media.
  • Take up responsibility for chosen procedures and equipment.
  • Contributed in Radiology Dept. staffs’ orientation.
  • Performed helpfully with all members of health care to keep standards for specialized Radiological Technologist exercise in clinical setting.

Education and Training:

CRT/Flouro certification, BLS certification, ARRT certification

University of New York

1996: Associate Degree in Radiology