Radio Program Director Resume

Career Summary:

Highly-creative, knowledgeable, and competent Radio Program Director with over 8+ years of experience in completing listeners’ requests, shortlisting songs, and implementing innovative tactics to the radio show programs. Adept in managing schedules, conducting interviews, and supervising the production team. Ability to handle stressful situations and possess exceptional people skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of the demographics, revising show formats, and giving approval to the station’s final music playlist

  • Capable of coordinating with the music director for finalizing playlist, and supervising the on-air presenters for a neat segue to provide nonstop entertainment

  • Ability to manage live on-air shows from the station as well as out-of-station events by interacting with audience

  • Possess an expert-level knowledge of different types of songs, popular trends, and classic music, and ability to perform research for gathering artist information

  • Expertise in negotiating advertising deals and interacting with clients to boost the channel’s revenues

  • Ability to think out-of-the-box ideas and innovative concepts for the channel’s shows to maintain rating among competitors, and increase percentage of listeners

  • Good leadership qualities along with exceptional organization and communication skills

Work Experience:

Radio Program Director

WEPN FM, Springfield, MO

April 2017 – Present

  • Supervising the channel’s production team regarding the show format, content, changing time slots of the ongoing programs, and assisting the sales team in increasing ratings

  • Selecting show formats, daily schedules, including songs for various programs, and guiding the on-air RJs for handling segues to accommodate listeners’ requests

  • Contacting individuals and companies for advertisements and helping in increasing revenue

  • Performing various duties such as including a new song track into the program’s playlist, organizing marketing campaign related to the channel’s promotions

  • Replacing RJs or changing show formats, shortlisting popular tracks for artist special programs, and reassessing channel ratings

  • Responsible for suggesting new ideas in monthly meetings for the on-air shows, and lifting the radio station number by 5 points in the locality

  • Reviewing the channel’s monthly listening area demographics to take appropriate decisions on the show formats, and devising plans to attract high percentage of listeners

  • Coordinating with the program coordinators in recruiting RJs by organizing multiple rounds to assess the candidate on the basis of voice, passion and knowledge

Assistant Radio Promotions Manager

WEPN FM, Springfield, MO

January 2015 – March 2017

  • Created and broadcast different promotional programs/events

  • Assisted in the coordination of all in-station and out-of-station events for live programs, and forwarded the song requests to the team

  • Coordinated with the production team to help in the setup and maintenance of the radio equipment while working on live or remote broadcast

  • Took responsibility as representative of the station to attend live programs to ensure success of the event, and interacted with public

  • Understood client requirements for radio advertising and planned tactics to include the copy-written promotional content during different show schedules

  • Collaborated with the team to oversee brand promotions are conducted as per the approved agreement and ensured staff behaved with public in a very professional manner

  • Supervised RJs on selection of music lists, content, on-air contest questions, and ensured that prizes are awarded to contestants on the basis of radio station’s terms and policies

Radio Program Coordinator

WBZ News Radio, Springfield, MO

September 2012 – December 2014

  • Performed adequate research of the political and national news to create short bulletins providing detailed information of major events

    Coordinated with the team to collect factual data of major news events such as hate-crimes, terrorist attacks, or political meets for broadcasting

    Served as an in-studio producer by ensuring that the live broadcasts of RJ’s air smoothly by maintaining proper audio levels and troubleshooted technical issues

    Worked with the program director to introduce new concepts in ongoing shows, and paid attention to the channel ratings for future decisions

    Initiated audience polls, comments and suggestions on various social topics on the news shows for better interaction with the listeners

    Conducted live on-air interviews of the individuals from the crowd at the accident spot to give accurate information

    Screened incoming calls and messages during live debates on social topics and selectively choose callers to go on-air to enhance the program content


Radio Disk Jockey

77 WABC Radio, Springfield, MO

June 2010 – August 2012

  • Worked under the supervision of senior Rjs and prepared shows for broadcast for morning and evening slot, and played songs requested by public

  • Researched about various things, including artist information, song’s album/movie and the popularity of the track to give accurate details to the audience

  • Conducted weekly on-air games, competitions, and distributed exciting coupons to increase show ratings as well as range of the audience

  • Coordinated and assisted senior RJs in recording interviews of famous personalities, and played the conversation during weekly special program

  • Performed duties related to preparing scripts, shortlisting audio songs, and making list of requests before the start of the shift

  • Participated in team meetings to provide suggestions about show formats or implementation of new concepts in the ongoing shows

  • Initiated short sections related to current news, sports, and local weather in the evening show


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications

    Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield, MO



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