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Career Objective:

Detail-oriented, certified and qualified Project Manager with extensive experience working on tight deadline, and deliver projects as per clients’ need. Capable of developing projects with maximum customer satisfaction rate, and increase business revenue. Excellent leader, and communicator with impressive time-management skills. s

Summary of Skills:

  • Exceptional understanding of project management using agile technology, and scheduling using effective resource planning techniques

  • Strong familiarity with different programming languages like JAVA, JavaScript, MySQL, Python, PHP, and .NET

  • Complete knowledge on requirements gathering, design and development process, and completing targets

  • Aware of database information flow, and costing software (CMIC) to negotiate deals with clients

  • Capable of keeping project track from start to the end, and ensuring its timely completion in budget

  • Excellent leadership abilities focused on improving team performance

  • Proficient in oral and written communication

Work Experience:

Project Manager

Pinnacle Software Incorporation, Floresville, TX

July 2017 – Present

  • Developing and managing project plan, scope, delivery schedules, resource requirements, integration techniques, and budget to ensure successful implementation

  • Initiating cross project dependency to ensure all teams were notified of their tasks to assist in completion of various projects within deadline

  • Managing agile projects through sprint framework by encouraging team to deploy code in private GitHub repositories for ease of access

  • Meeting prospective clients, and documenting technical requirements, scope definition, various test cases, and expected results of the project

  • Managing risk identification, risk mitigation, and possible resolution issues to minimize the impact on project success

Assistant Project Manager

Denvers Technology, Floresville, TX

May 2015 – June 2017

  • Led a team of .NET developers to create an interface for the collaboration of 50+ businesses

  • Collaborated with the testing team to support quality assurance, and ensure product stability for end users

  • Ensured customer satisfaction after completion of project by providing free maintenance service for 1 year

  • Monitored project development stages, and assisted team during technical issues by suggesting possible approaches for getting desired outcome

  • Hired and trained a team of 20 software developers to handle workload, and variety of projects

  • Participated in meetings to convert propective clients into long term customers by demonstrating successful products, and increased revenue by $40M in one quarter

Senior IT Associate

Denvers Technology, Floresville, TX

November 2013 – April 2015

  • Successfully resolved a huge pile of baclog related to hardware, and software

  • Oversaw 20+ projects from inception to end by adopting agile technology for product development

  • Programmed complex modules of the product using PHP, Python, and developed dynamic websites for clients in 4 days after receiving requirements

  • Collaborated with DBA’s to perform root cause analysis for products facing major breakdowns during heavy loads and dispatched timely updates to boost performance

  • Developed resource plans, cost estimates, and status reports before assigning the project to the team and assisted in performing various types of testing

  • Created documentation and user manuals to provide detailed information about software functionality, operations for end users

Junior Programmer

Calibres Solutions, Arlington, TX

June 2011 – October 2013

  • Conducted meetings with prospective clients to understand their requirements, and finalized a budget for converted projects

  • Designed modules using JAVA-MySQL technology for ongoing projects to give extra features in the software

  • Debugged 1000+ lines of code to identify the bug in software after receiving customer complaints of performance issue post upgrade

  • Coordinated with other programmers to develop a voice recognition software within 7 days of the requirement by working extended hours

  • Took responsibility to dump data in the Microsoft Server SQL database, and retrieved required information using complex join SQL queries for academical university projects

  • Worked in collaboration with .NET programmers and developed software for children with special needs


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

    ABC University, Arlington, TX



  • Project Management Professional (PMP), 2011

    Certified JAVA programmer, 2011


On request.

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