Programmer resume examples

PHP programmer job description

PHP programmers are IT experts who have specialized in the PHP programming language. This is a scripting language that is used to create dynamic websites and web applications. Their syntax is based on C and Perl. It is extremely popular and is considered the leading programming language in web development. PHP programmers are particularly in demand in the front-end area. You plan and develop dynamic web applications and apps, both for existing websites and for new websites. They also implement various software projects based on PHP.

The activities of PHP programmers are varied and demanding. Websites are extensive, sometimes highly complex applications. They require good planning and professional implementation. To this end, PHP programmers often work in interdisciplinary teams. Together with marketing experts, web designers, and business economists first carry out a requirements analysis. You create a specification sheet that contains all the requirements for a website. Based on this, they develop software architecture and plan the necessary toolchain. They first examine existing websites for their performance. To do this, they analyze their functionality and determine the potential for improvement. They carry out error analyzes, paying particular attention to problems in the structure and architecture of the website as well as to the general structure and user-friendliness.

Due to the dynamic development of web technology, the area of ​​responsibility of PHP programmers now comprises two sub-areas: frontend and backend. Frontend describes the user interface. This means that front-end programmers work close to the user. What is important is what the customer sees when they visit a website and how they interact with it. In contrast, backend programmers work closer to the system. You plan, implement, and optimize so-called backend systems. To do this, they evaluate databases, model them accordingly, and ensure that they are always reliably available. They also take care of the design and architecture of the software.

PHP programmers often work as freelancers. They can also find employment with development and media agencies as well as in the IT departments of large corporations that operate their websites. Internet giants like Facebook and Google are also some of the most popular employers for PHP programmers. Workplaces are offices and meeting rooms.

PHP programmer responsibilities and requirements

Different training occupations prepare for the job. On the one hand, trained IT specialists are application development suitable for this job as long as they specialize in PHP or web development. The training lasts three years and is either dual or school-based. The prerequisite is at least a good intermediate level of education. However, applicants with a high school diploma including good grades in computer science, mathematics have the best prospects for a training position. On the other hand, numerous degree programs teach PHP. This includes classic IT, media IT, applied IT as well as web development and software technology. There is also the possibility of further training as a PHP programmer in addition to the job. There are various degree programs “PHP Programmer” for those who work in distance learning.

Suitable applicants for the job as a PHP programmer require extensive specialist knowledge. Of course, they must have a good command of the PHP scripting language and software development methods. Also, they need knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP) as well as current know-how in the field of web technology. They are also familiar with related technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and CSS.

In addition to the technical requirements, PHP programmers also need relevant soft skills. You need a high willingness to learn and should be enthusiastic about current developments in web technology. The area is constantly changing and extremely rapidly. New technologies are constantly coming onto the market, many of which are quickly disappearing. Therefore, qualified candidates should be open and not just stick to PHP. You should be able to work in a team and have interdisciplinary skills. You work results-oriented and know when a product is good enough to finalize a project. Also, a feeling for good web design is a great advantage. Front-end programmers in particular often take on graphic work. Therefore, they benefit from a sense of aesthetics and the ability to empathize with website visitors. They are also ready for use and resilient. You have to meet deadlines and often work under pressure. As a result, overtime is not uncommon in this profession.

The content of the resume is essential, but the appearance also matters. A cluttered resume with a design dull and unclear, will not help you get a job. A document with a pop of color is ideal for a programmer’s resume. Color brings modernity to your resume, but try to keep it professional. For this, it is recommended to use a pre-designed one page resume templates and examples below.