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Career Objective:

To work as a program designer in a reputed organization on basis of thorough technical expertise and a Master’s degree in Software engineering.

Technical Expertise:

  • Languages: Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, JSP, Perl, AJAX, Python, ASP, C++, CCP
  • Operating Systems: Windows, SunOS, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS
  • Hardware: Sun, IBM, IBM Workstation, Dell
  • Software: MS Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Vision, Enabler, Brew Suite

Personal Skills:

  • Wide spread experience in program designing and development
  • In-depth knowledge of upgrading, debugging and troubleshooting
  • Worked on different operating systems and tools to develop highly efficient programs
  • Well versed with testing and deployment procedures
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate effectively with team members and clients
  • Comfortable to work overtime to ensure completion of projects within schedule
  • Calm and confident even during most stressed situations at work

Work History:

Organization: Cosmic Technologies
Designation: Program Designer
May 2013 – Present

Job functions and responsibilities

  • Designed and developed programs using different programming languages and scripts
  • Developed data restoration programs for personal and professional environments
  • Performed tests using different tools to ensure functionality of programs
  • Fixed all the technical and functional errors effectively
  • Developed upgrade patches and modules for existing programs
  • Created financial management programs for different banking firms
  • Completed all the projects within schedule and ensured that the program meets clients requirements

Organization: Malthus Technologies
Designation: Program Designer
August 2010 – April 2013

Job functions and responsibilities

  • Designed new programs and upgraded existing programs to meet functional requirements
  • Created advanced versions of existing programs to ensure that they are compatible on different operating systems
  • Performed database migration and integration from existing programs to new programs
  • Designed graphical interfaces for different programs
  • Communicated with the quality assurance department to ensure that standard methods are followed throughout the project
  • Documented technical specifications, installation and troubleshooting manual for different projects

Academic Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, Detroit College of Technical Studies, South Michigan University


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