Professional Programmer Resume

Career Summary:

Self-motivated, certified, and competent ‘Professional Programmer’ with over 6+ years of experience in translating client requirements into software/web applications. Capable of working with various software personnel in various phases of SDLC, and possess solid programming expertise. Adept in modifying existing programs to add new features and have excellent problem solving skills. Team player with good time-management and communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess solid understanding of web markup, website design, software features, and capable of converting clients’ need into products
  • Ability to build web services, software and other components using HTML/CSS, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and XML
    Adept in debugging, troubleshooting, modifying code segments, and writing testing scripts for simple/complex programs to deliver quality product

  • Expertise in performing system as well as product analysis to improve efficiency, scalability and outcome of the company’s products for maximum client/end-user satisfaction
  • Exceptional analytical, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Capable of supervising junior programmers/interns and maintaining accurate record of technical documentation throughout entire SDLC
  • Ability to gel well with the team and have strong interpersonal skills

Work Experience:

Professional Programmer
Endeavor IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Boston, MA
April 2017 – Present

  • Working closely with graphic developers, testers, quality assurance team, and other personnel to conduct software analysis, programming, testing, and debugging as required
  • Modifying existing complex programs to create HTML/CSS prototypes to add new web pages and writing code modules in C++, Java, PHP or SQL as required
  • Debugging programs written by peers, junior programmers as well as interns to remove logical defects, syntax errors, and correcting variable declaration, loops, function calls in various code segments as needed
  • Designing and developing REST web services to support both internal and external clients by writing reliable, maintainable and well-documented code that is suitable for various applications within given time constraints
  • Participating in team discussions to identify the best technologies and strategies to deliver results within deadline
  • Coordinating with software team to identify appropriate and effective process changes, methodologies, skills and tools to help the development team deliver more effectively as well as gain maximum client satisfaction

Professional Programmer
Ideavate Solutions, Boston, MA

December 2014 – March 2017

  • Developed program logic for new applications as well as analyzed logic in existing applications to meet business requirements and company’s developmental standards
  • Collaborated with network operations and technical support to identify and implement application fixes and enhancements to increase efficiency and ease of use
  • Attended client discussion sessions to understand requirements, designed project schedule and wrote code modules using HTML/CSS, C++, JavaScript, .Net, Python and XML
  • Coordinated with the tester team to test the software product in controlled and real-time environment to identify defects as well as correct them before deployment
  • Performed system upgrades by installing appropriate OS and applications within various departments to ensure proper programs run efficiently as well as meet the new technology requirements
  • Worked with application software development on the implementation and support of software maintenance releases as well as provided technical assistance to client services, network operations, and support team as required


Programming Intern
Alpha Infolab Technologies, Boston, MA
September 2012 – November 2014

  • Worked on a team that follows agile methodology with daily stand-ups, sprint planning meetings, and participated in code reviews to check for code optimization
  • Wrote C++ code for various business applications to help and support team members for making changes in the database
  • Contributed to the design, implementation, testing and overall SDLC of patient monitoring software to improve outcomes and efficiency of clinical clients
  • Coordinated to work as part of a small cross functional team of email an engineering experts to respond to queries by end-users, and made phone calls to ensure resolution of issues in use of software provided by the company
  • Assisted to conduct usability and security tests as well as debug problems at source code level after identifying and prioritizing bugs
  • Collaborated with the software team to build and test various software components in FreeBSD/Linux platform using company code standards, and maintained documentation reports throughout the SDLC


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science
    Boston University, Boston, MA


  • AWS Certified Developer (Associate level), 2015
  • C++ Certified Professional Programmer, 2012


On request.

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