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Career Objective:

Patriotic, goal-focused, and experienced military officer with extensive experience in organizing mortal combat training sessions, planning new tactics and overseeing maintenance/repair work of the army’s ammunition, armor vehicles, etc. Expertise in interpreting orders from the government and communicating messages in coded language for maintaining confidentiality of the information. Team player with excellent leadership qualities, adaptability, and communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess sound knowledge of various ammunition, military tanks, and armored vehicles used in the US Army, and capable of conducting training sessions for infantry soldiers to help them get acquainted with it

  • Capable of overseeing repair and maintenance of different army equipment to ensure its optimum functioning during war or insurgency

  • Ability to receive, interpret, and research codes in government mails/documents, and ensuring its implementation

  • Capable of coordinating with military senior personnel as well as subordinates for completing daily assigned tasks and planning for unanticipated situations

  • Adept in conducting physical tests of cadets and grade them

  • Patriotic military officer with good understanding of organizing various recreational activities like soccer match/events for the army at the camp to tone down pressure from daily activities

  • Outstanding knowledge of maintaining adequate logistics supply at the army base, and arranging cargo transportation when needed

  • Strong leadership abilities with excellent flexibility and communication skills

Work Experience:

Major (O4) – U.S Army

Park Reserve Forces Training Area, CA

2013 – Present

  • Playing the role of a specialized operations officer for battalion of 2000+ soldiers

  • Coordinating with the army’s Lieutenant Colonel and other senior military officers for

    directing the performance of enlisted military personnel at assigned camps

  • Inspecting ammunition, armored vehicles and battle tanks from other base camp for conducting training sessions as well as overseeing their operations, maintenance and repairs

  • Ensuring subordinates are enforcing discipline and standards on military personnel, and overseeing availability of resources at the camp

  • Supervising the infantry troops at the military camp, and assisting with the logistics, repair as well as maintenance of the army equipment, and discipline of the enlisted troops

  • Working with military intelligence officers to receive messages from the federal personnel, and sending coded information about the army’s ongoing tasks, and progress in assigned enemy area to ensure confidentiality of the nation’s project

Captain (O3)

U.S. Army – Camp Beale, CA

2002 – 2012

  • Ensured that the orders from the battalion headquarters are effectively followed throughout the camp

  • Commanded companies of soldiers comprising 100 to 200 men, and gave appropriate schedules for artillery batteries, tanks, aviation squadrons or infantry soldiers when needed

  • Collaborated with the troops in assigned military area to maneuver against enemy forces or positions

  • Supervised a team of 100 combat soldiers, and gave detailed instructions for operating various types of combat vehicles such as assault vehicles, military tanks, etc.

  • Performed staff office duties as required, and helped to interpret as well as research military intelligence data for commanding colonels and generals to ensure timely issuing of orders

  • Organized training schedules at the base camp to assess the level soldiers’ fitness, and taught them new tactics for self-protection, ammunition handling, and use of new communication devices

First Lieutenant (O2)

U.S. Army – Anniston Army Depot, Alabama

1996 – 2001

  • Served as an executive officer to the camp’s captain, and handled charge of 10 platoons consisting of 100+ infantry troops in combat

  • Worked in a combat specialty role, and planned training for 50 soldiers

  • Played the role of platoon leader for specialized weapons platoon during training regimes, and organized practice sessions to help infantry soldiers get used to new ammunition

  • Performed various duties such as planning training, and combat operations for soldiers, and worked with non-commissioned officers for executing these events

  • Inspected weapons, vehicles, and other components associated with the army to ensure its proper functioning, and prepared replacement list

  • Ensured optimum health, welfare, morale, training, tactical employment as well as military readiness of the soldiers in assigned platoon before instructing them about army base camps

Second Lieutenant (O1)

U.S. Army – Fort Huachuca, Alabama

1993 –1996

  • Worked under the supervision of senior commander officers to lead the platoons for carrying out daily plans

  • Coordinated with NCO staff to organize training sessions for infantry soldiers related to field exercises and combat discipline

  • Participated in training schedules conducted by non-commission officers to learn the use of military ammunition

  • Received special instructional billets from corporals and sergeants to train new infantry groups for combat training

  • Served as infantry advisers to army, marine corps national guard or reserve units for mortal combat training as required

  • Organized outings like picnics, bowling, billiards or soccer matches for the soldiers as well as infantry troops


  • Associate’s Degree in Physical Education from Antioch University, Culver City, CA
  • Completed GED from Antioch University, Culver city, CA


  • Completed Basic Combat Training Course
  • Cleared Military Entrance Processing station test for medical evaluation with flying colors
  • Passed the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam with a good score
  • Attended Officer Candidate School


On request.

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