Plant Nursery Worker Resume

Job Objective:

Highly-dedicated, well-experienced, and knowledgeable Plant Nursery Worker seeking a managerial position with a botanical garden to use my strong background in the upkeep of different plant species and ensure proper maintenance of the park’s landscape.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of the processes involved in horticulture, including planting, transplanting, pruning, grafting and watering of various plants

  • In-depth information about operating battery-operated lawn mowers or fuel-powered tractors and other tools/equipment used in nursery

  • Ability to perform various tasks such as managing irrigation system, maintaining soil quality using fertilizers, and preparing nursery beds

  • Familiar with pest management techniques, including spraying pesticides/insecticides to prevent damages to plants from insects, birds, rodents, weeds or diseases

  • Capable of overseeing the delivery of plant saplings to local vendors, and ensuring healthy samples are supplied to them

  • Adept at answering queries related to suitable climate, water requirements and plant growth stages concerning a particular species during exhibitions

  • Excellent leadership qualities with ability to give clear instructions to the voluntary workers and interns for proper care of the plants

  • Ability to coordinate with the team using strong organizational and communication skills

Work Experience:

Plant Nursery Worker

Earl Seed & Nursery, Stamford, CT

December 2016 – Present

  • Working with the team to plant, cultivate, fertilize, water and spray ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, hedges and lawns

  • Maintaining accurate temperature levels within the greenhouse to ensure warmth in air, and proper growth of the plants

  • Performing various duties related to horticultural spray and pest eradication work by using pesticides/insecticides to protect the saplings from diseases

  • Organizing plant fairs at the nursery to put exotic plant species on display, and answering questions from on-lookers regarding the scientific names, climate and water requirements regarding a particular plant

  • Inspecting the moisture content of the nursery soil for modifying the existing sprinkler system by taking into consideration the evaporation and water retention factors

  • Coordinating with the marketing team to promote sales of various seedlings and increasing sale by 34% during spring

  • Initiating to conduct plantation camps at the nursery and supervising grounds-workers, students and community volunteers for apply chemicals to plants, trees and shrubs

Plant Nursery Worker

Layton Tree Farm & Nursery, Stamford, CT

May 2014 – November 2016

  • Efficiently operated and maintained various equipment, including lawn tractors, sprayers, blowers, trimmers or hand tools used for grafting or cutting

  • Performed various duties associated with cutting branches, shooting plants, and transplanting them back in soil to sell it to the retail shops

  • Regularly assessed the nursery grounds to ensure the irrigation systems are working properly and assisted in keeping the landscapes tidy

  • Applied weed killer, fertilizers and other soil nutrients prior to planting of the seeds in the greenhouse patch used specifically for grafting purposes

  • Performed audits of the farm to ensure all standard operating procedures are followed and the equipment are in good working condition

  • Answered customer inquiries related to plant maintenance, required sunlight level, watering needs and sprays used for protection against diseases

  • Used power equipment, including driving vehicles such as tractors or trucks for delivering nursery saplings to the local vendors’ shops


Plant Nursery Associate

Layton Tree Farm & Nursery, Stamford, CT

July 2012 – April 2014

  • Worked under the supervision of nursery plant manager and performed pruning, regular watering, and rotation of plants in optimum sun/shade locations as required

  • Received delivery of exotic plants to the nursery, and verified shipment documents for unloading them by hands using proper lifting techniques

  • Worked with the team and provided assistance to them while unloading large shrubs or trees using appropriate equipment

  • Coordinated with other interns to perform general labor duties including filing pots, planting seeds and seedlings, pruning shrubs and spraying pesticides on the plants in the nursery

  • Regularly inspected the plants in the nursery to develop a clear understanding of a wide variety of plant material, local growing conditions plant pests and diseases along with care

  • Discussed plant specifications with interested customers and assisted them in quickly locating the shrubs in the nursery

  • Performed daily duties such as planting the seed to spraying chemical solutions for protecting from pests

  • Performed weeding, sorting plant seeds, operating irrigation pumps and adding fertilizers for proper growth


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Botany

    University of Connecticut, Stamford, CT



On request.