Plant Biologist Resume

Job Objective:

Experienced and dedicated plant biologist seeking a position in a “ABC Company” where I can use my knowledge and skills to meet company’s expectations and carry out challenging duties to generate outstanding results.

Summary of Skills:

  • Profound knowledge of plant genetics, hybrid breeding and phytochemistry

  • In-depth information about plant-specific genetic cloning, transformation procedures, and cloning techniques

  • Ability to conduct and evaluate on-field research programs, prepare reports on findings

  • Capable of operating agricultural machines and maintaining equipment used for research

  • Operational knowledge about computer applications, bioinformatics tools and able to manage database systems for records

  • Hands-on experience in conducting plant-based biological studies, proteomics and studying tissue cultures

  • Ability to execute all instructions safely as per the regulations by law

Work Experience:

Plant Biologist

RGW Lab Group, Leachville, Arkansas

September 2016 – Present

  • Selecting and implementing standard techniques on testing samples of plants subjected to transformation, expression, and gene cloning

  • Maintaining the pilot harvesting facility for totally developed herbs in green house rooms

  • Preparing for plant hybrids and carrying out successful genetic switches on the basis of lab reports

  • Experimenting modification of molecular tissues in flowering plants and developing a new species that gives 20% more product as compared to normal breeds

  • Recording and analyzing all survey findings accurately and suggesting methods to improve plant health

  • Collecting samples and conducting research experiments to test possibility of generation of bio fuels

  • Monitoring the growth of cultivated plant breeds to carry out research tests

Plant Biologist

Cardno Enrix Incorporation, Leachville, Arkansas

April 2014 – August 2016

  • Studied and investigated genetics, physiology of the assigned plant breeds and prepared extensive research reports

  • Oversaw the operations of green house and assisted to maintain proper care of plant fields and the seed rooms in campus

  • Used bioinformatics and biological computation techniques to research biochemical bases for the plant traits

  • Conducted agricultural lab tests on different plant and seed samples to document reports on the amount of pesticide or fertilizer used in the production

  • Collaborated and interacted with other staff, botanists, bio-technologists, and chemists to study new plant species

  • Assisted to carry out experiments and biological research activities

Plant Biologist

Fibrogen Pvt Ltd., Leachville, Arkansas

July 2012 – March 2014

  • Participated in projects that included research about planting test crops, collected soil samples, and evaluated sites for pests

  • Experimented production of new plant species from tissue cultures and took efforts to develop it

  • Analyzed on-field data to record about different stages and diagnosed diseases that destroyed the plantation

  • Studied the effect of pollution on plants by studying leaf samples in lab and suggested ways to protect them

  • Managed lab activities, maintained supplies for equipment used to monitor growth of hybrid plants for the in-house growth chamber department

  • Monitored plant growth and observed the field for insects and changing climatic conditions


  • Master of Science in Plant Biology

    University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR



On request.