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Career Objective:

Physically fit, cheerful, and helping ‘Physical Training Instructor’ seeking an opportunity at ‘XYZ Fitness Club’ to use my knowledge and vast experience for providing fitness lessons to clients, and solving concerns related to health issues by designing individualized physical training plans.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of correct techniques for doing push-ups, sit-ups, zumba, aerobics, leg squats, and cardio workouts

  • Deep knowledge on warming-up and cooling down techniques for ensuring maximum gain from excising

  • Skilled in conducting exercise for a single individual as well as a large group

  • Expert at teaching correct posture and technique for various types of exercises

  • Adept in motivating participants to put efforts for performing exercises

  • Expertise in sharing information of dietary as well as nutrition plan to the participants depending on their health concerns

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Work Experience:

Physical Training Instructor

Plus One Fitness Center, Dallas, TX

October 2017 – Present

  • Designing and conducting workout routines specific to the needs of clients, and monitoring his/her progress

  • Developing a training program useful for improving strength and stamina

  • Including cardio workouts, abdominal crunches, leg squats and other exercise forms in daily routine

  • Instructing members for warm up and cool down prior to and post exercise to prevent injuries and gain maximum benefits

  • Coordinating with the center’s marketing team to suggest new schemes as well as promotional activities for increasing the number of members

  • Listening and understanding health concerns such as overweight, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, and other ailments, and planning proper physical fitness camp for such members for group exercise routine

  • Sharing dietary plans as well as educational information with class participants, and addressing to their doubts when needed

Physical Training Instructor

Fit Body Boot Camp, Dallas, TX

April 2015 – September 2017

  • Greeted members, answered personal questions, and assisted members in planning and achieving fitness goals

  • Designed a physical fitness program by involving various forms of exercises such as aerobics, dance, kick-boxing, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats

  • Interacted with new members to understand their health issues, and developed individual physical training programs to promote and give wellness advice

  • Organized zumba and aerobic sessions for members using lively music records to increase their enthusiasm during class

  • Watched members perform exercises, and motivated them to do put in more efforts

  • Ensured physical fitness training floor is clean and free of health as well as safety hazards, and provided first aid to members as necessary

  • Reported any equipment/facility problem to the management team to ensure members receive the best fitness training services

Physical Training Instructor

Peterson’s Gym, Dallas, TX

August 2013 – March 2015

  • Conducted a fitness batch for 20+ clients for 45 minutes or longer by including various physical workout as well as exercises using gym equipment

  • Demonstrated new exercises to participants perform to ensure each individual understands correct technique, and postures

  • Designed a warm-up schedule by including general exercises such as stretching, gentle jogging on the spot, and circular movements of limbs

  • Worked with people of different ages and helped them achieve and maintain fitness level necessary in their profession

  • Oversaw proper use of gym equipment during classes to avoid physical injuries to members, and made recommendations to the owner for equipment repairs/replacement

  • Connected with all gym members on personal level and helped them stay fit


  • Associate’s Degree in Physical Fitness Training

    Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX


  • High School Diploma

    St. Vincent High School, Dallas, TX



  • Certified Fitness Expert

    American Council on Exercisem Dallas, TX


  • CPR

    American Association of Cardiology, Dallas, TX



On request.

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