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Career Objective:

Highly-dedicated, motivated, and friendly ‘Pediatrician’ with over 5+ years of experience in diagnosing health issues in babies, young kids, and adolescents, and providing quality treatment to them. Ability to examine patient issues, and refer to specialist in complex cases for timely medication. Expertise in conducting counseling sessions about vaccination programs and guiding parents/guardians about care to be provided to the patient. Ability to work in a team and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess sound knowledge of vaccination schedule for children from 0 age to 16 years

  • In-depth knowledge of physical, emotional, and behavioral health issues for children of varying ages, and overall development

  • Expertise in understanding symptoms for correct diagnosis, and suggesting appropriate laboratory tests, pharmaceutical medicines, and providing quality care

  • Mastery in diagnosing complicated heart cases, respiratory problems as well as speech, eyesight or hearing issues in patients

  • Ability to examine infants as well as babies and young kids for various health issues

  • Capable of examining health checkups, recognizing symptoms, diagnosing and giving appropriate treatment

  • Adept in conducting counseling sessions for children, parents and guardians for providing guidance related to physical changes, diet requirements, and daily routines

  • Ability to maintain patient medical records in the hospital database using different computer applications such as MS Office suite, spreadsheet, etc.

  • Team player with exceptional organizational and communication skills

Work Experience:


eQHealth Solutions, Cleveland, OH

May 2017 – Present

  • Providing and managing direct patient care, including physical examinations, medical assessments, diagnosis and treatment for patients under 21 years of age

  • Examining newly born infants and other babies, and detecting health issues to ensure timely treatment

  • Prescribing medicines for common ailments, and recommending laboratory tests for patients showing symptoms of chronic diseases

  • Referring patients to senior physicians, specialist or other medical personnel for complicated health problems such as bronchitis, heart diseases, bacterial infections, or accidental cases

  • Helping nursing team in running vaccination programs, and educating parents on the importance of following vaccination schedule

  • Conducting informative lectures or seminars for parents to give detailed explanation regarding diet, exercise as well as schedules to be followed for optimal fitness

  • Collaborating with the pediatric team to perform annual medical checkups of the students in various local schools

Junior Pediatrician

St. Joseph Hospital, Cleveland, OH

November 2015 – April 2017

  • Provided urgent preliminary care to patients, and referred them to appropriate licensed specialist doctors for complex health issues

  • Checked vital signs, and minutely observed patients suffering from defects such as heart ASD, respiratory issues, extra limbs, and related problems

  • Examined young patients below 6 years for health issues related to voice, listening, eyesight and motor coordination, and suggested appropriate treatment therapy

  • Arranged for referrals, consultations, therapeutic services, and conferred patients with other specialist for proper care and treatment

  • Provided treatment for various health concerns, including eye/ear infection, behavioral problems, respiratory issues like asthma as well as ensured timely vaccination programs for the young patients

  • Conducted regular follow-up rounds to assess condition of admitted patients, understand their responses to the medication as well as discover new health issues like allergies to particular pharmaceutical drugs, swelling or other skin problems due to side effects

  • Worked with physicians to establish medical protocols and treatment regimens for children from birth to adulthood, and provided exemplary care

  • Assisted in carrying out administrative duties by filling out case paper for the concerned patients, maintaining medical records, and giving advice to parents or guardians as required


Junior Pediatrician (part-time)

Zonko Health-care Services, Cleveland, OH

July 2013 – November 2015

  • Coordinated with hospital’s various physicians to perform thorough medical assessments of young patients, and recommended laboratory tests for correct diagnosis

  • Checked patients’ histories, and instructed basic laboratory tests to get clarity about the illness

  • Prescribed drugs or other forms of treatment such as physical therapy, inhalation therapy, or related therapeutic procedures

  • Examined 20+ patients in the OPD department to prescribe medicines for common ailments like cold, sore throat, cough or flu, and recommended laboratory tests for early diagnosis of diseases

  • Performed diagnostic tests to collect information on patients’ medical condition, and administered appropriate vaccines to treat the illnesses

  • Provided treatment to children suffering from minor injuries, acute and chronic health issues as well as physiological or psychological growth problems

  • Conducted counseling sessions for parents or guardians post medical checkup

  • Assessed infants to check for congenital deficiencies such as heart problems, down syndrome, or cleft lips as well as other development issues


  • 3 Years Residency Program in Pediatrics in Nationwide Children’s Hospital in 2013
  • Doctor of Medicine

    Cleveland State University, Clevland, OH


  • Bachelor’s in Human Anatomy

    Cleveland State University, Clevland, OH



  • Certified Pediatrician, 2015


  • The American Board of Pediatrics – Member since 2016
  • The American Osteopathic Association – Member since 2014


On request.

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