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Career Objective:

PC technician position using education, certification, and practice in computer services and client support.

Qualification Summary:

  • Established high quality, prompt, results-driven, and proficient customer service and assist to inspire confidence in a technical suggestion and management.
  • Assembled systems and software product documentation, reporting to users of preparation opportunities in business learning center.
  • Made, maintained, and fixed computer systems to enhance speed, efficiency and reliability of operation.
  • Stick to departmental processes to buy, build up, and fit new and used hardware systems, retaining corporate norms for the system compatibility.
  • Done security study to recognize and deal with faults.

Work History:

2003 – 2005: PC Technician/Help Desk

Pointer co., Kerman

Education Details:

Coastline Society college, Spring Valley

Certification in CompTia A+. (Computer Science, CISCO(CCNA))


  • Software: Software Installation. Active Directory. Virus Prevention. System Installations and Configurations. Software Configuration. S/F Conversion. Windows 95/98/2000/2003/ NT4/XP/Vista Installation/Up gradation. Software Diagnostics. Statistical Reporting. System Upgrades. FTP/HTTP. Backup and Restoring Data. Internet Explorer 5/6/7. Netscape Navigator. Outlook 98/2000/XP. Mozilla, thunderbird, Opera. Photo shop and CorelDraw. MS Office Suite. FOREX software, charts.
  • Hardware: Repairs, services, and restored parts, boards, and equipment for Dell, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Packard Bell, and Xerox coms. Arranging workstations and Hubs. Constructing and Testing. Computer Configuration, Assembly. PC H/W Designs and Arrangement. Desktop Maintain. Maintenance & Repair. H/W Installation & Configuration. Scanners, Printers, Web-cams, Optical tools and Modems (DSL & Dial-up) configuration. DVD/CD/RW Memory Chips, SCSI/IDE/EIDE Hard Drives, SCSI Manager Cards, Tape Backups Drives software-hardware configuration. PDA, Blue tooth, Touch pad, Infrared configuration. WI-Fi, Wireless Routers, and Access-point setup, configuration & authentication.
  • Networking & CISCO: The Communications Security. OSPF. PPP. EIGRP/ IGRP. Cisco Firewalls (PIX). CHAP. Multi-level Security Sys. PAP. IPSEC. RIP. CSU/DSU. ISO/OSI Levels. Precautionary Maintenance. Cisco 2600, 3000, Routers. System upgrading. Cisco 2900, 3500, 5000 Switches. LAN. Wireless. Networking Technologies. Network Security. WAN & LAN. VPN. N/W + TCP/IP. Firewalls. Ethernet. Peer to Peer N/Ws. Router Configuration. ADS/ISDN. Client-Server Technology.
  • Client Service: Consultative Relationships. Customer Care. Customer Technical Supports & Training. Troubleshooting. Desktop & User Support. Support series. Able to transmit technical info to the users of all abilities. Self-provoked to preserve understanding of existing technology. Done full practical and over the telephone troubleshooting on several different systems, platforms, and h/w configurations. High direction towards the customer service. Skilled to manage aid desk requests under a pressure. Skill of help-desk processes like problem rise procedures, problem resolution script and severity stages. Very tolerant. Offers clear and easy explanations and performs closely with the people to build up solutions to its computer difficulties. Utilizing logic and study to recognize strengths and limitations of different methods.


  • CompTia, A+ h/w & s/f certification, Irvine, CA 2007. Comptia career Identification available. Higher preparation in Win 2003/NT, MS Office, and Network security.
  • PC technician/PC Support/ Help Desk


Office Administrator/Remote Technical Support

  • Produced workstations, n/w and Point Of Sale software for several small retail sequences.
  • Reviewed and custom built computers to outfit clients’ requirements.
  • Offered phone-based technical care for clients, available on-site if required
  • Helped in network infrastructure development & implementation. Done assembling and soldering of CPU, circuit boards, cooling systems, wiring & power supply.
  • Installed and Configured desktop PC’s, determined hardware/software problems, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and make sure user fulfillment. Experienced with the remote access software.
  • PW recovery and maintenance. Enhanced stability and operation of systems and networks by advancing Win 98 to Win XP Professional; collected all client data on accessible PCs, produced new computers, transferring offered applications, and modifying configuration settings.


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