Payroll Accountant Resume

Professional Summary:

Highly-skilled and professional Payroll Accountant with strong accounting and mathematical knowledge as well as solid experience in payroll processing, and reporting. Possess excellent problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. Skilled in managing all aspects of the company’s payroll functions in an accurate and timely manner.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of payroll systems and processing, accounting and tax processing, payroll accounting practices, financial and accounting principles, basic tax procedures, payroll tax laws and regulations, financial reporting as well as human resources benefits
  • Strong mathematical and statistical skills required to calculate percentages, ratios, and complex calculations
  • Possess effective communication and active listening skills to respond to payroll related issues
  • Proficient in using MS Word, Excel, Outlook, spreadsheets, QuickBooks, ERP system, accounting and payroll software such as Xerox and PeopleSoft payrolls as well as possess strong typing skills
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and resolve discrepancies in payroll and related records
  • Ability to pay attention to every detail to avoid small errors while processing the organization’s payroll
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills with ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously within strict deadlines, and minimal supervision
  • Adaptable to fast-paced work environment as well as capable of working under minimal supervision
  • Ability to think critically and make effective decisions

Work Experience:

Payroll Accountant

Pacific Inc., Oakland, CA

September 2016 – Present

  • Providing expert payroll administration services, including day-to-day payroll support
  • Administering the compilation and computing of statistical and other payroll data, and ensuring their accuracy and completeness in payroll systems
  • Providing guidance on payroll processes and providing feedback to the payroll team and senior management regarding improvements in payroll processing
  • Preparing schedules and providing assistance to internal and external auditors
  • Preparing payroll journal entries with appropriate supporting documentation to ensure the accuracy
  • Generating payroll reports for specific departments
  • Communicating regularly with the HR team regarding employee information, such as tax exemptions, leaves, resignations, advance taken, etc. to maintain and update payroll records
  • Responding to all payroll inquiries as well as overseeing reporting and reconciliation of federal, state and local payroll taxes.

Payroll Accountant

Mass Markets, San Diego, CA

January 2015 – August 2016

  • Standardized and optimized all payroll accounting functions by ensuring that all the aspects of payrolls and benefits workflow were completed in a timely and accurate manner and in compliance with all applicable legal and organizational requirements
  • Maintained and reviewed accuracy of payroll related data and records as well as monitored changes in them to detect and reconcile payroll discrepancies
  • Generated reports for the reconciliation of miscellaneous payroll accounts, and prepared corresponding journal entries, and supporting schedules
  • Maintained a system of internal control to ensure all payroll activities were complete, and accurate
  • Coordinated with the Human Resources Department on the input of new joinees, terminations, transfers, and salary adjustments in the payroll system
  • Assisted in developing written policies and procedures to document payroll functions as well as provided thoughtful and timely responses to payroll inquiries
  • Recommended and implemented changes in methods and procedures with senior payroll accountants to improve the efficiency of the payroll function.

Junior Payroll Accountant

Abbott Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

March 2013 – December 2014

  • Assisted in the preparation, processing and maintenance of payroll, salary, and compensation
  • Assisted in updating employee benefits in the payroll system by checking their records
  • Assisted in keeping employees’ records up-to-date, and informed them about deductions, additions, bonus, etc.
  • Assisted the accounting team with payroll reconciliation processes
  • Collected, calculated, and entered payroll date in the system
  • Reviewed payroll data and contributed in resolving discrepancies


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

    Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA



  • Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC)


On request.

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