Outdoor Skills Teacher Resume

Career objective :Obtaining the position of Environmental educational officer in an organization that will help me to share my knowledge as well as use it for the progress of the organization.

Summary of skills

  • Excellent communication and written skills
  • Good knowledge of the natural world and an analytical approach
  • Ability to research on the events and to have an elaborative approach
  • More than five years experience in this field and ability to develop the educational programs for the students
  • Ability to develop and market the educational programs and successful delivery of them to the target audiences
  • Ability to work with all age groups of people and ability to encourage the educational programs
  • Capability of providing the educational material by various means i.e. websites and newsletters
  • Ability to deliver lectures on different natural related issues
  • Highly skilled in designing the educational programs and ability to motivate the audience

Technical skills

  • Efficient in using various applications of computer programs
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Word and Power Point

Educational qualification

Bachelors degree in Science from DGH College, New York in the year 20XX


Member of ABC environmental organization in California

Professional Experience

Working as a Environment Educational Officer in CDF organization, California

from July 20XX till date


  • Researching on the different nature related subjects and preparing an educational program on them
  • Discussing on the environmental issues in schools or groups and elaborating the issues for the visitors as well as providing the descriptive information on such issues
  • Carrying out the educational programs for the target audiences and providing them information through websites, leaflets, and newsletters
  • Communicating with companions, teachers, and community groups on the design and execution of educational programs
  • Maintaining the budget for the campaigns
  • Carrying out various tasks for outdoor activity

Worked as a educational Environmental officer in DJK organization, California

from December 20XX to June 20XX


  • Administrating, recruiting, and guiding the volunteers and working with them
  • Working as a focal point of the teachers, companions, and educationalists for responding them on the environmental issues
  • Generating the money for the project through collection of funds from various organizations
  • Providing the training programs for the schools
  • Explaining the environmental issues on various levels


Watching environment related programs and playing rugby

Personal Details

  • Name: James Matthew
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment Status: Environmental Educational officer
  • Relationship status: Single


  • Mr. Hillary Brown
  • Director of SSE organization
  • California
  • Cell: 327-354-8956
  • Email:[email protected]