Orthodontic assistant resume template

orthodontic assistant resume template

Download orthodontic assistant resume that stand out as the best


Download our orthodontic assistant resume template today, and you’ll be sure to stand out as the best candidate for the job. Our template is professional and easy to follow, making it simple for you to create a resume that catches the eye of employers. With our help, you’ll be on your way to securing your dream job in no time!

What is an Orthodontic Assistant?

Orthodontic assistants are a vital part of the orthodontist’s team. They are essential to the success of an orthodontist. They might be responsible for treating patients with procedures like teeth alignment and filling cavities, as well making molds of your mouth or fabricating retainers that will help correct any issues you may have during treatment. The role includes taking X-rays so they can be taken into account during treatment plans for each patient. As an orthodontist, you are expected to know your stuff.

How to write an orthodontic assistant resume that will get a hiring managers attention

When it comes to catching the recruiter’s attention, you’ll need a catchy summary statement that highlights your most relevant skills and expertise. When writing a resume for a job as an orthodontic assistant, be sure to include your work history and skills relevant to the position you are applying for. Whether you are starting in your career or have been working for a few years, highlighting your relevant achievements can help you stand out and get that job interview.

How to write a great orthodontic assistant resume objective statement?

Your objective may be one of the most crucial sections of your resume, therefore writing a clear and convincing argument is critical. To create your professional summary, start by describing your experience and aspirations in three to five sentences. A catchy summary statement, emphasizing your most significant skills and abilities in areas like the expertise of particular orthodontic treatments, patient recordkeeping, and excellent communication skills, will catch a recruiter’s attention right away. Check out these three examples for inspiration:

  • Individual driven by results is seeking an available Orthodontic Assistant position with QWE orthodontic practice to use exceptional efficient, personal patient care.
  • Searching to fill the vacant Orthodontic Assistant position with QWE dental practice with a highly motivated, organized individual who will use 5+ years of professional experience to maintain productivity and quality of service.
  • Obtain Orthodontic Assistant position with QWE dental practice to contribute substantial skills in utilizing experience taking x-rays, creating impressions, and connecting with patients.

Professional skills for orthodontic assistant resume

The best way to showcase your hard skills is with a well-written resume that highlights all of the different features you can handle. Include skills that demonstrate how you go about the task, such as being a team player, having a good attitude, or multitasking ability. Your soft side also needs some attention, so be sure not only to include things like being a team player but how much energy and enthusiasm one has while working to serve patients! Orthodontic assistants must have a well-balanced mix of both hard and soft skills. Consider including the following in-demand orthodontic talents:

Hard skills to put in resume:

  • Creation of removable appliances
  • Digital X-rays
  • Oral photography
  • Orthodontic hardware adjustment

Soft key skills you should include in your resume:

  • Attention to detail
  • Following instructions
  • Remaining calm under pressure
  • Patience with children

How to write work experience on an orthodontic assistant resume?

In a paragraph that emphasizes your medical expertise, describe the responsibilities of an orthodontic assistant. Our work experience bullet points are developed by professional experts and may be modified to meet your specific requirements. To make the content more personalized, add metrics. Work experience is a great way to prove that you have the skills required for any position. Here are some examples of work experience bullet points:

  • Cleaned examination chairs and dental equipment in four treatment rooms, assisted orthodontist and gave patient care and information following treatments.
  • By transferring inventory from Excel to software, Bellwether has made it possible to track the expiration dates of hundreds of medical equipment.
  • 20 or more patients were observed, recorded vital statistics, X-rays were taken, molds were cast and dental hardware was adjusted according to the orthodontist’s instructions, as part of the job.

Your education and training are important characteristics that will help you to succeed in the orthodontic field. Please list any additional degrees, certifications, or licenses relevant for this position including the name of institution/training program attended as well as subjects studied at the university level. As an example: “I completed my COA certification coursework after graduating with Highest Distinction from University.”

We know that writing a resume is not an easy task and we want to make it easier for you. Our resume template will help inspire you with the right words, so feel free to borrow phrases like “serves an able and adept role during every procedure” or “well suited any orthodontic challenge.”

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