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Career Objective:

Looking for a Challenging Position of a Sr. Ophthalmic Technician

An extremely brilliant Ophthalmic Technician with vast experience in a physically creating eye wear including finishing, grinding, and the edging lenses, supervising application of different finishing for lenses, taking prescriptions and confirming them with the symmetry of lenses, and fitting finished eye wear by adding lenses into the frames.

Qualifications Summary:

  • Over 12 years experience as the Ophthalmic Technician.

  • Outstanding knowledge of the ophthalmic medical terms, anatomy and a physiology of visual system.
  • Huge knowledge of the refractive mistakes, diseases affecting eye.
  • Amazing knowledge and perceptive of effective universal diseases like diabetes have on an eye.
  • Profoundly able to build up and implement successful patient schedules/appointment systems and organize the flow or essential documents and recommendation services.
  • Exceptional skills in doing ultrasound A-, B-Scan and bio-microscopy for finding of the tumors, iris tumors, retinal detachments, and additional pathological difficulties.
  • Exceptional knowledge of standards of the first-aid treatments for an ocular and additional medical emergency.
  • Huge knowledge of the ophthalmic medication and accurate instillation of the topical eye drugs and eye dressing’s application.
  • Thorough knowledge of the ophthalmic equipments and the sterilization methods.
  • Deep skills in getting correct medical histories, determining and recording the visual acuteness, doing lensometry, refractometry, keratometry, tonometry and additional ophthalmic tests with adults and children.
  • Huge knowledge of principles of infection control in order to sterilize equipments and to control autoclave.

Work Experience:

Ophthalmic Technician (2003 to Present)

Michael’s Hospital, Tarrytown, New York

  • Supervise 3 Hospital Laboratory Technicians and Administrative Aide.
  • Work as a back-up for Sr. Ophthalmic Technician in their absence.
  • Under the direction of physician, contribute in a patient care involving diagnostic vision tests, history and the visual field tests.
  • Triage and monitor emergent calls and the walk-in emergencies.
  • Do non-repetitive difficult and specialized duties involving recognized methodologies utilized in a patient care needing tremendously great skill.
  • Accountable for keeping timely and decent patient flow.
  • Manage and supervise stocking all examination rooms.
  • Coach and prepare technicians and personnel as needed on new equipment and procedures.
  • Make sure devotion to the HIPAA regulations.

Ophthalmic Technician (1997 to 2003)

Twinkle Eye Inc., New York

  • Done preliminary screening tests for a physician appraisal including the central and the peripheral visual field examinations; color vision test; ocular motility tests; pharmacological pupil test; tonography, tonometry and tensilon tonography test to resolve intra-ocular pressures and pupil tests for sizes, equalities and reactions before dilation.
  • Studied the lens, cornea and front chamber of eye utilizing slit lamps and note down variations from the normal.
  • Determined acuity of patients, with & without glasses, for near and distance vision; took lensometry and optical measurements to conclude lens prescription and fixed acuity difficulties; recorded results on patient charts.
  • Took topographical dimensions of eye to incorporate corneal diameter and curve; helped physician to provide patients with the contact lenses and to estimate lens fit with bio-microscope; directed patients on correct methods utilized in inserting, caring for and wearing the contact lenses.
  • Helped physician in training of regular microbiological samples and in several investigate studies.
  • Done other associated tasks subsidiary to work explained herein.

Ophthalmic Technician Trainee (1992 to 1997)

Shine Eye Inc., New York

  • Read & interpreted prescriptions from the eye specialists.
  • Positioned and marked the optical centers and axis on lens plains and built estimates to grind the lenses to requirements.
  • Ground and shined surface of lens by putting polishing and grinding m/c.
  • Experienced polished lenses for exactness.
  • Used shielding coatings and the non-reflective materials to lenses and used chemical and heat treatments to goblet lenses.
  • Fitted and Shaped lenses to the spectacle frames.

Education & Training:

Ophthalmic Technician Certification by JCAHPO

University of New York

Ophthalmic Technology Associate Degree, 1996