National Forest or Park Ranger Resume

Job Objective:

Energetic professional, seeking a position of a Park Ranger with ‘ABC National Park’ where I can use my deep knowledge of forest regulations and experience to educate visitors about conserving ecology systems and take efforts for preservation.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of the impact of weather conditions and human intervention on forest species

  • In-depth knowledge of forest species and passion for preserving them

  • Expertise in supervising duties associated with wildlife and forest ecosystem

  • Comprehensive knowledge about the state’s laws and regulations for forest and park conservation

  • Comprehensive knowledge about landscape templates including maintenance of shrubs along with fertilization activities

  • Capable of setting up educational programs about conservation of wildlife, forests for visitors with the help of excellent communication skills

  • Ability to use different power tools like sprinkler, hoses and mowers as per need

  • Excellent communication skills, team player, and willing to relocate

Work Experience:

Park Ranger

Mount Airy Forest, Cincinnati, OH

February 2017 – Present

  • Monitoring sensitive areas of forest and planning landscapes efficiently to give an aesthetic look

  • Initiating steps along with team to preserve exotic species of plants in forest and nurturing it with care

  • Maintaining park premises with reference to trimming shrubs, mowing grass, landscape templates and nurturing flowering plants

  • Coordinating with team to handle emergencies and providing facilities for campers, children’s events

  • Handling promotional activities of forest by updating social media pages and uploading event reminders

Junior Park Ranger

Mount Airy Forest, Cincinnati, OH

December 2014 – January 2017

  • Conducted reforestation of the assigned terriroty by patrolling large acres of meadow lands and wetlands in the forest

  • Collaborated with conservational science officer and developed a systematic strategy for monitoring and patrolling different areas of the forest

  • Frequently visited the receptionist desk and answered interpretative queries or doubts from international visitors about the history of the place

  • Played the role of a forest safety coordinator and conducted fortnight inspections of battery operated vehicles to ensure proper functioning of provided facilities

  • Initiated interactive environmental awareness programs for visitors on weekends

  • Served as a tour guide for visitors through remote forest areas and sensitive zones

Assistant Park Ranger

Eden Park, Cincinnati, OH

March 2012 – November 2014

  • Mowed park’s green lawns on a monthly basis and maintained heavy patrolling near the water fountains to avoid mishaps

  • Guarded remote areas of the park by continuously sending volunteers to the perimeter to ensure rules and regulations were followed by visitors

  • Ensured visitors do not cause damage to old structures of the park, Elsinore Arch, Spring House Gazebo, and Standpipe

  • Guided children on park’s tour and instructed to take steps for forest & wildlife conservation

  • Monitored the growth of trees in the park and initiated steps for the restoration of oak, and pine trees along with sufficient water provisioning system

  • Carried out patrolling duties when required and immediately responded to emergency situations

Volunteer Experience

Rapid Run Park, Cincinnati, OH

August 2010 – February 2012

  • Handled various promotional campaigns for park and conducted short plays to increase awareness about global warming

  • Volunteered for tree plantation programs with GreenPeace group and encouraged use of eco-friendly products for daily use

  • Increased patrolling frequency from 25% to 60% during the day and encouraged visitors to not litter the park

  • Actively assisted in maintenance of park activities and maintained upkeep of the facilities

  • Communicated with other volunteers on Walkie-Talkie to pass on the instructions given by Park Ranger Supervisor

  • Maintained and ensured the park’s equipment were in top quality and ready for use whenever required


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resource Management

    University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH


  • Diploma in Environmental and Recreational Science

    Evergreen College, Cincinnati, OH



On request.

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