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Career Objective:

Highly-dedicated, organized, and compassionate Medical Case Manager with over 5+ years of experience in providing quality health-care treatment to the patients. Solid understanding of working with patients from various illnesses and exceptional in providing supportive assistance to the family members.

Summary of Skills:

  • Strong experience of social service, and coordinating health care services for patients

  • Ability to interact with medical teams at all levels as well as insurance companies

  • Skilled in conducting counseling sessions, and providing emotional support to patients and their family members

  • Ability to coordinate with different medical personnel, including physicians, nursing staff, and billing department to ensure quality clinical services

  • Experienced in scheduling medical tests, and coordinating treatment for patients

  • Possess exceptional leadership, and communication skills

Work Experience:

Medical Case Manager

Zufall Health Clinic, San Antonio, TX

December 2017 – Present

  • Collaborating with doctors, physicians, nurses, patients, caregivers, and insurance companies for arranging clinical resources and medical care for patients

  • Conducting detailed assessments of patient’s psychological and medical care needs to identify patients that are suitable for case management intervention on the basis of criteria like case complexity, prognosis, etc.

  • Providing psychological and emotional support to patients as well as their families dealing with chronic or acute illnesses or terminal diseases

  • Working with the team to ensure that patients with diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis have timely access to comprehensive medical care and social services

  • Assisting in planning, evaluating, and monitoring health-care services

  • Scheduling medical tests, follow-ups, and home visit for patients as required

  • Arrange for ambulance service for pick up and drop off for patients

  • Initiating home meal delivery and transportation for follow-up appointments to provide long-term care solutions

  • Examining and discussing funding issues with patients and family members

Assistant Medical Case Manager

Equitas Healthcare Center, San Antonio, TX

March 2015 – November 2017

  • Worked closely with patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer or other psychosocial, and other health-related needs to ensure quality medical care is provided to them

  • Coordinated with clinical supervisor to ensure that patients with complex medical or psychological needs have access to quality and cost-effective health-care

  • Reviewed medical services provided to patients and suggested changes as necessary

  • Participated in monthly team meetings to communicate and address patient care and surgery needs

  • Monitored services of physicians and other medical personnel to ensure high standard care for patients

  • Followed up with patient hospitalizations, and re-admissions to identify additional issues for preparing accurate case paper

  • Conducted weekly meetings with supervisor to inform about management or operating issues which affect the quality and standards of patient services

Entry level Social Worker

Inform Diagnostics Center, San Antonio, TX

July 2013 – February 2015

  • Worked with the team to assist patients primarily present in the hospital’s emergency department experiencing suicidal mentality or are in post suicide phase

  • Collaborated with multi-disciplinary team, including emergency department physicians, psychologists, nurses, and other medical personnel to provide required emotional support to patients

  • Participated in planning discharge, and implementation of social care plans at patients’ residences

  • Provided assistance to trauma department, and other emergency staff to increase patient’s morale

  • Conducted interviews of patient’s family or close acquaintances to understand personal issues, disputes, and other social history to identify reasons behind behavioral changes

  • Checked patients’ response to treatment, and inform the concerned doctors about observed changes

  • Maintained a quality working relationship with other medical personnel, and coordinated social service activities with other departments as necessary


  • Diploma in Nursing

    State Board of Nursing, San Antonio, TX


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

    University of Texas, San Antonio, TX



On request.

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