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Career Objective:

Highly-dedicated, competent and experienced professional seeking a Medical Billing Clerk position in your esteemed organization for handling a wide variety of medical coding and billing tasks.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge about medical billing procedures and in-depth understanding of verifying patient information with the concerned insurance provider

  • Ability to draft invoices and resolve billing disputes

  • Ability to coordinate with insurance companies and expedite claim process

  • Capable of maintaining updated records in the hospital’s database to prepare appropriate bills about the medical procedures and services

  • Detail-oriented and expertise in maintaining accurate patient clinical records by keeping records in the health-care center’s database

  • Possess exceptional analytical skills and proficiency in handling multiple tasks under pressure

  • Team player with outstanding organizational skills

Work Experience:

Medical Biller

Sparta Community Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

April 2017 – Present

  • Collecting essential information from respective units and preparing bills

  • Explaining levied charges to patients and collecting payments in cash and credit cards

  • Filling insurance forms and submitting it to the respective company for payment

  • Determining final patient invoice by capturing services noted in the patient chart and keeping accurate records of laboratory tests and treatment provided

  • Preparing, reviewing transmitting claims using billing software, including electronic and paper claim processing

  • Making phone calls to the patient’s insurance provider for verification purposes and answering their doubts regarding provided treatments

    Working with the support team to file records electronically for preparation of discharge reports

  • Assisting the accounts section for translating health-care services into medical claims and submitting the documents via mail to the patient’s insurance provider

  • Providing information regarding services and clinical duties performed by physicians, nursing personnel and other hospital staff to the patient’s family by answering their questions related to the bill’s charges

Medical Biller

Intermountain Healthcare Clinic, Cincinnati, OH

January 2016 – March 2017

  • Submitted and followed up claims with the concerned patient’s health insurance company

  • Coordinated with the nursing team to get accurate information and translated the provided health-care services into medical bills

  • Followed claims with insurance companies to ensure reimbursement for the services provided during patient’s treatment

  • Attended weekly training sessions to get knowledge of the system used in for assigning numerical codes for the doctor’s visits, laboratory tests, clinical stays and various types of health-care procedures

  • Worked with the medical coder to review patients’ clinical statements, and assigned standard codes using appropriate CPT, ICD-10-CM or HCPCS Level II classification system

  • Communicated with the physicians and other health-care professionals within the hospital to get accurate information regarding the treatment provided for the diagnosis to generate accurate bills

  • Collected information about clinical tests performed, administered injections or medicines recommended as well as salines provided to the patient to incorporate it in the final bill amount

  • Assembled all data concerning the patient’s bill including hospital stay, consulted doctor, claims transmission, payment processing, and insurance follow-up for clarifying total charge


Billing Compliance Assistant

Medstar Health Clinic, Cincinnati, OH

September 2014 – December 2015

  • Worked with the nursing department for collecting accurate information from patient’s medical charts for billing purpose

  • Answered patients’ doubts regarding billing amount and gave detailed explanations about the charges related to various tests, and doctor’s consulting fees

  • Applied correct codes for patients’ records and helped in retrieving files

  • Communicated with insurance companies for clarification on certain clauses related to claim

  • Maintained up-to-date knowledge about the essential computer applications, software, and the procedures related to medical billing


  • Associate’s Degree in Medical Billing and Coding

    University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH



  • Associate’s Degree in Medical Billing and Coding

    University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH



On request.

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