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Career Objective:

Organized and outgoing mechanical engineer with hands-on experience in operating Lathe and Welding machines is seeking the role of a Mechanical Engineering Fresher in automotive industry.

Summary of Skills:

  • In-depth understanding of concepts related to heat transfer and thermodynamics

  • Sound knowledge of strength of materials and mechanical design

  • Basic knowledge of fluid mechanics and drill engineering

  • Knowledge of different manufacturing processes and mechanical vibrations

  • Quick learner and willing to do hard work

  • Good communication, interpersonal, and time-management skills

  • Efficient team player with abilities to work under any situations

Technical Skills:


  • Computer skills: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Operating systems: MS DOS, Windows XP, Windows 2000

  • Welding tools and machines: Angle Grinders, Lathe machines, Mills, and CNCs

Work Experience:

Machinist and Welder

Gunner Incorporation, Boise, Idaho

April 2016 – Present

  • Developing excellent fabrication techniques and gaining expertise in machine shop skills thus contributing to timely completion of ongoing projects and minimizing backlog by 25%

  • Interpreting and utilizing blueprints, graphical sketches and computerized drawings

  • Performing welding works for installing, repairing and fabricating parts like sheet metal, tools, doors, gates and others

  • Operating the latest equipment and CNC machines

  • Operating hydraulic presses and ensuring smooth fabrication for different mechanical components

  • Handling various tools which included band saws, chop saws, plasma cutters and other mechanical instruments

  • Giving finishing touches to the small components by using filing tools or lathe machines

Junior Assistant

Alival Machining Company, Boise, Idaho

September 2015 – July 2016

  • Interpreted technical drawings from interns and made a report on feasible designs thus providing tactical decisions

  • Created product models using SolidWorks software and presented ideas in cross-functional product development meetings

  • Collaborated with different teams as required

  • Installed engine analysis software on office computer system for efficient and quick diagnosis of faults in equipment


Engineering Intern

Joe’s Automotive, Boise, Idaho

June 2014 – August 2015

  • Hired from 300 candidates due to innovative final year project

  • Handled the responsibility of diagnosing faults in hydrogen storage systems for fuel cell vehicles and documenting errors

  • Participated in a robotics workshop undertaken by the company

  • Prepared detailed reports and reported on-site progress to supervisors

  • Designed a solution to resolve hydrogen storage issue within company premises and gained approval from seniors

Volunteer Experience:


Rockwell Automation Industries, Boise, Idaho

August 2013 – May 2014

  • Researched about fuel conservation techniques and studied papers on electric cars

  • Collaborated with suppliers to understand production of different parts of vehicles

  • Took initiative to maintain battery stock and get supplies from battery manufacturers

  • Studied designs for battery operated vehicles

  • Designed and build a mini electric car that could operate within the plant


  • Project Area: Irrigation System

  • Project Title: Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of Fertilizer Injector System

  • Role Played: Individually designed the concept, built and tested automated fertilizer injection system along with sprinkler which facilitates application of liquid fertilizers to apartment lawns and shrubs eliminating the need of manual labor.

Visual Basic Teaching Assistant

College of the Siskiyous (Computer Science Department), Sacramento, CA

December 2010 – July 2012

  • Conducted weekly lectures on Fundamentals of Visual Basic Programming and gave one-to-one response to queries

  • Developed customized software for tracking individual student progress throughout the course

  • Responsible for preparing teaching guides and notes that complemented the lectures of senior professors

  • Initiated small semester project assignments


  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

    ABC University, Boise, Idaho



  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers – member since July 2014


On request.

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