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Career Objective:

Self-motivated and performance-driven Maintenance Manager with over 6+ years of experience in the industry. Strong background in repair and maintenance of equipment/machinery to generate optimum efficiency in the shop floor. Adept at supervising team using analytical thinking, and organizational skills to solve issues effectively.

Summary of Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge and technical expertise to resolve existing problems, and deploy improvement procedures

  • Capable of streamlining current processes in a firm to improve safety levels, productivity, and control expenditure costs

  • Adept at performing blueprint analysis to implement a new system at the shop floor to get the desired output

  • Ability to recommend measures to improve the operations of machines and equipment to ensure long life

  • In-depth information about safety and compliance management procedures for strategic implementation of projects as per the budgets

  • Strong communicator and time-management skills

  • Ability to negotiate and keep healthy relationship with vendor or clients

Work Experience:

Maintenance Manager

Albert & Sons Companies, Chicago, IL

February 2017 – Present

  • Monitoring and maintaining expenses spending to ensure results on machines repaired using spare parts

  • Attending to customer queries about functioning of the company’s product, and providing hands-on demo to them at the time of product delivery

  • Arranging for third-party services for specialized equipment repairs to ensure smooth working of the shop floor’s machines and timely completion of projects

  • Implementing an automated inventory system in the company for the first time to store final products, and initiating a real-time product tracking system

  • Reviewing quarterly performance reports to identify minor technical glitches, and adapting methods to improve overall efficiency

Maintenance Manager

Sears Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd., Chicago, IL

September 2014 – January 2017

  • Minimized downtime by overseeing prioritization, and scheduling of work orders to complete projects within deadline

  • Managed, planned, and coordinated activities of maintenance in the organization to ensure optimum service level

  • Maintained sufficient stock of spare parts to minimize delays in repairs of returned products, and dispatched it in 8 days

  • Took responsibility to ensure a high safe level environment at the workplace by enforcing OSHA and HAZMAT requirements

  • Provided preliminary training about the work procedures to 20+ new recruits in 3 batches

Assistant Maintenance Manager

Sears Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd., Chicago, IL

May 2012 – August 2014

  • Initiated breakdown maintenance on production, and supported equipment on the shop floor in the manufacturing department to reduce downtime, and increased throughput percentage

  • Relocated store room to move the specialty spare parts of the machines closer to equipment areas to reduce access time and prevent delay

  • Designed specific guidelines and other techniques to ensure a safe working environment in the plant reducing accidental injuries by 32%

  • Investigated safety violations by performing routine checks of the floor to oversee major repairs, and coordinated with the purchase team to negotiate with vendors for spare parts

  • Mentored and supervised maintenance work of heavy instruments at the shop floor, and increased productivity by 24% generating $14M extra revenue in a month

  • Performed checking of all electric and hydraulic systems at the workshop to identify major bottlenecks and resolved issues

Department Supervisor

Sears Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd., Chicago, IL

July 2010 – April 2012

  • Monitored daily activities of the staff, and identified key areas of improvement to report it to the department manager

  • Reviewed workflow processes and made suggestions in monthly meetings to improve operational efficiency at the shop floor

  • Conducted follow-up rounds to check if the project is on timeline and in sync with desired objectives

  • Maintained department records to generate routine ad hoc reports as requested by the management team

  • Performed administrative duties as required and assisted in employee recruitment, training or approval of leaves for interns


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Machinery

    University of Chicago, Chicago, IL



  • Certified Maintenance Manager

    International Maintenance Institute, Chicago, IL



On request.

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