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Career Objective:

Detail-focused and experienced Logistics Manager with a strong background in purchasing and distribution of materials at right location. Adept at maintaining sufficient stock in inventory, and supplying the best products to customers. Huge contact base with dealers, vendors, suppliers, and shipment agencies.

Summary of Skills:

  • Exceptional understanding of inventory management, reordering stock, and supply chain management issues

  • Sound knowledge of warehouse management, and material handling techniques

  • Ability to maintain healthy relations with material vendors, suppliers, and transporters to ensure timely product delivery

  • Familiar with WRM management, logistics planning schedules, and redeployment activities for timely dispatch

  • Expertise in handling inbound and outbound shipments during heavy orders, and discount season to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Good technical knowledge and ablility to track expenses using financial database

  • Proficient in registering customer complaints, and dispatching alternative offer in case of issuing a damaged product

  • Good communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

  • Excellent time management and customer handling skills

Work Experience:

Logistics Manager

DW Quality Suppliers, Portland, OR

September 2017 – Present

  • Managing inventories to recognize unusual activities or excess fluctuations that resulted in heavy disposal of materials

  • Establishing long-term contracts with truck suppliers, and ship owners to assist in coordinating a successful supply chain

  • Collaborating with the accounts department to ensure the expenditure plans are in limit of the set monetary constraints

  • Implementing a tracking system to achieve best staff performance, and ensuring on-time delivery of products after payments and necessary documentation

  • Researching market trends to identify new technologies on procurement procedures and incorporating it in supply chain management that increased customers by 45% in last quarter

Logistics Manager

Sunoco Material Partners, Portland, OR

November 2014 – August 2017

  • Assessed monthly and quarterly inventory stock to ensure that departmental needs were fulfilled, and prepared order list

  • Saved $2.75M by collaborating with dockyard suppliers to assist in intermodal shipments for international orders

  • Located parts using online tools to replace the damaged ones in production machines to ensure smooth manufacturing operations

  • Conducted research and periodic communication with different contractors in the state as well as DOD department to get the best quality material

  • Coordinated with vendors on regular basis to avoid interruption in supply chain management to deliver the products on time

  • Maintained confidentiality and security of the inventory room

Logistics Supervisor

Sunoco Material Partners, Portland, OR

June 2012 – October 2014

  • Managed internal communications to inform about ongoing programs, order rate, and performance metrics of the delivery team

  • Coordinated with union of truck drivers for long distance deliveries, and maintained a track of their locations to ensure timely deliveries

  • Initiated customer feedback through different channels like phone, fax, mail, and website to understand customer grievances

  • Communicated with suppliers on weekly basis to avoid delay of materials, and tracked financial restrictions using budgetary software

  • Negotiated and maintained contracts in the company database by fixing truck rates

  • Provided training to 10 personnel on supply procedures

Logistics Specialist

Sunoco Material Partners, Portland, OR

October 2010 – May 2012

  • Implemented the best industrial practices to drive customer satisfaction rate

  • Conducted follow-up rounds in the godown of workshops to determine existing shock, and registered orders

  • Suggested new strategies to differentiate company service as compared to competitors in the marketplace

  • Established strong connections with local delivery agencies to ensure products reach the rightful owners on time

  • Maintained a list of available materials in the inventory to avoid last minute shortage

  • Monitored potential risk situations, and implemented immediate actions to avoid breakdowns


  • Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    University of Portland, Portland, Oregon



  • Certified Warehouse Keeper, State of Oregon, 2011

    Logistics Professionals Readiness Center – Member since 2012


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