Litigation Attorney Resume Sample

Professional Profile

Diligent, persuasive, detail-oriented, and dynamic Litigation Attorney with 8+years of experience in representing clients for civil and criminal proceedings, conducting research, interrogation, negotiation, and witnesses’ interviews. Proven ability to handle administrative and legal functions, provide legal analysis, counsel on litigation matters, conduct and oversee litigation. Handled and won numbers of civil and criminal cases for clients as well as settled legal matters outside the court by taking the involved parties in confidence. Proficient in working with clients from all backgrounds and professions.

Summary of Skills

  • Strong knowledge of legal terminology, civil and criminal court proceedings

  • Excellent legal research, analytical, communication, and negotiation skills

  • Proficient in conveying information in clear, precise, and logical manner

  • Ability to persuade judges in giving judgments in favor of clients

  • Skilled in working with word processing, presentation, time and billing, and other related software applications for executing legal functions

  • Superior time-management, task prioritizing, and multi-tasking skills

  • Ability to collaborate with a team of legal professionals and work for a common goal

Professional Experience:

Litigation Attorney

City Links, Valley View, PA

March 2017 – Present

  • Performing case assessment and investigation by collecting information and evidence from clients and identifying the feasibility of filing a suit

  • Advising involved parties for settling the case out of court depending on the severity of the case

  • Drafting affidavits, and other necessary legal documents for trial preparations, and presenting clients in court cases

  • Holding meetings with both plaintiffs and defendants and trying to persuade them for settling matters outside the court

  • Handing entire aspects of the lawsuits, including attending scheduled court hearings

  • Drafting affidavits, pleadings and motions for filling with the court for representing he plaintiff or defendant in lawsuits

Litigation Attorney

Beck & Heck Law Firm, Valley View, PA

July 2013 – February 2017

  • Drafted and negotiated a multitude of commercial agreements

  • Represented clients in civil litigation matters, interviewed witnesses, and presented evidence in court

  • Argued civil cases in court on behalf of the plaintiffs and defendants and draw the cases conclusion in favor clients being represented

  • Converted depositions into written transcripts for use in the court

  • Conducted pre-trial activities for court appearance and represent clients in a better way

  • Drafted post-trial motions, identified grounds for the appeal, collected evidence, developed and implemented best strategies for the appeal

Litigation Attorney (Intern)

Unique Law Office, Valley View, PA

June 2011 – June 2013

  • Created and provided agreement summaries and details to the senior attorneys

  • Maintained and updated database of legal entities

  • Assisted in revising contracts and other legal documents

  • Assisted with legal research and analysis, drafted memoranda, pleadings, affidavits and briefs

  • Researched and gathered evidence to support court cases

  • Maintained and organized internal charts and files, and accompanied senior attorneys during trials

  • Provided litigation support to senior attorneys by collecting evidence for trials


On request.

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