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Career Objective:

Passionate, outgoing, and dedicated ‘Massage Therapist’ with more than 5 years of experience in providing different types of massages to clients to relax muscles and stiffness in the body. Expertise in assessing about medical conditions including pain, stress level to decide accurate therapy. Adept in creating soothing environment inside treatment room, maintaining stock supplies, and working with team to ensure quality services are offered to the clients.

Summary of Skills:

  • Solid knowledge of different massage therapy and body treatment techniques, and capable of giving exceptional modalities like Swedish massage, Thai massage, and deep tissue massage

  • Possess detailed information on various equipment like balance beams, bolsters as well as stationary/portable treatment tables, hot or cold stones, and heat lamps used for massage therapies

  • Capable of creating a soothing environment in the treatment room by using soft music, dim light, and ambiance to make sure client feels relaxed post-session

  • Expertise in assessing client’s medical condition to know about ongoing treatment, allergies, or other issues to avoid use of essential oils/lotions

  • Ability to instruct and supervise junior massage therapists as well as handle inappropriate conduct by following established protocols, and reporting cases to the manager

  • Adept in checking inventory levels at the massage therapy center to determine exhausting stock and preparing list of items in shortage for purchase orders

  • Team player with excellent organizational and communication skills

Work Experience:

Licensed Massage Therapist

Marriott International Hotel, Cincinnati, OH

December 2017 – Present

  • Interacting with clients to know about medical issue, pain and stress, and providing appropriate massage therapy for healing as well as relaxation

  • Making use of lotions and oils, table/chair and heat lamps for massage therapies

  • Utilizing equipment such as balance beams, bolsters as well as hydrotherapy equipment like in baths or tanks to ensure relaxation, and promote general wellness in clients

  • Performing safe, effective and outstanding massage therapies and body treatment using various techniques such as sports massage, reflexology or deep tissue massage as per the client’s need

  • Interacting with client during massage to understand pain, muscle tension, and determining the best technique for kneading client’s body tissue for relief

  • Performing various duties such as supervising junior masseuse/masseur prior to therapy sessions, collecting client feedback, and inspecting treatment room for sanitation standard, look and product stock

  • Handling inappropriate client behavior by following the hotel’s standard operating procedures for inappropriate conduct, deciding on continuation/stopping of service, and informing the hotel manager

Licensed Massage Therapist

The Breakers Spa, Cincinnati, OH

May 2015 – November 2017

  • Assisted clients to get relief from pain, improving poor blood circulation, and taught relaxation techniques to reduce stress

  • Performed 25, 50, and 80-minute deep tissue, sports, prenatal and Swedish massage therapy depending on the client’s needs

  • Made use of stationary/portable treatment tables, mats, heat lamps, massage stone sets, cold and hot packs and other equipment to provide calming impact for clients

  • Performed different massage therapies according to established protocols, and ensured that clients experience pure peace, and relaxation post the session

  • Assessed client medical conditions that might prevent particular service, and customized therapy sessions according to their physical limitations

  • Designed combo packages to generate new clientele, and promoted health and wellness benefits of regular therapy that increased business by 41%

  • Maintained a professional, confidential client-masseuse relationship by understanding and implementing proper code of ethics in services

Licensed Massage Therapist (part-time)

Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Cincinnati, OH

October 2013 – April 2015

  • Assessed client needs and inquired about contradictions such as allergies, high blood pressure, and pregnancy before confirming the booking, and forwarded details to senior massage therapist

  • Worked under guidance of senior masseuse to relieve pain, reduce stress, lessen muscle soreness, increase relaxation, and aid in general well-being of the client

  • Interacted with clients post massage therapy to know their experience, and distributed pamphlets that guided on improving posture, performing stretching/strengthening exercises as well as overall relaxation

  • Focused on optimal client care during the therapy session, and engaged in conversations with clients to know about his/her interests, and concerns

  • Prepared therapy room by using clean robes, scented candles, lighting effect, and used music to provide a soothing and relaxed feel to clients

  • Frequently questioned and checked with client during therapy session to promote comfort, safety, and security throughout the service

  • Maintained cleanliness of the resort massage therapy section and treatment room by disposing trash and dirty linen, and ensured adequate supplies of lotions, essential oils


  • Diploma in Massage Therapy

    Clermont College, Cincinnati, OH


  • High School Diploma

    Daffodils High School, Cincinnati, OH



  • Certified Massage Therapist

    NCBTMB, Cincinnati, OH



On request.

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