Librarian Resume

Academic Background

  • Obtained MS degree in Library Science as the major from California State College, California in the year of 1993.
  • Obtained VT B.A. degree in English from the Simmons Community College, Boston in the year of 1988.
  • Obtained Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Southwestern University, Washington in the year of 1985.

Professional Background

2000 – Present date: Act as a senior librarian in Burlington Public Library with the following work responsibilities

  • Generate the distribution desk in an adequate manner
  • Give necessitate training to other stuffs on the using of various index tools as well as catalog and reference questionnaires
  • Acquire different places for books, journals and audiovisual items
  • Make wanted book list with thorough checking for preventing repetition
  • Keep up required reference search categories
  • Provide photocopy of selected journals and other items on suitable requests
  • Take various methods for keeping records and vital documentation of incoming periodicals and other items with identifying them for further security reason
  • Supply necessary directions for proper using of AV tools
  • Take due actions for preventing copyright and photocopy measures, running with appropriate circulation and basic filing works as well as numbers of indexes
  • Supply required methods for NML classification structures and filing measures through ALA pattern
  • Making the actual statistics on door count and circulation procedures of the library in a quarterly basis

1994 – 2000: Worked as a Library Associate in Kathryn Hemet Public Library with the following work responsibilities

  • Arrange special places for keeping books, journals and audiovisual items
  • Compose required book list with thorough examination for avoiding duplication
  • Maintain required reference search categories
  • Grant photocopy of preferred journals and other items on apposite requests
  • Administrated the other evening clerks as required
  • Take due measures for putting off copyrights and photocopy procedures
  • Making due procedures for successively going with the appropriate circulation measures and basic filing works
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