LAN Administrator Resume

Academic Background

  • Achieve Associate Degree from the Northeastern Poly technique University, California in the year of 1992 at Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics as the major.
  • Get Several certificate courses till the date including
    1. Advanced Digital Electronics Techniques
    2. Visual Basic Programming Techniques
    3. C and C++ Language

Computer Skills


  • Skilled in the use and maintenance of wireless network as well as mobile computing
  • Has experience in database management
  • Knowledge of programming languages like C, C++ and JAVA

Professional Excellence Summary

  • Have experienced with the developmental strategies of multi users database administration system successively on a Local Area Network for last ten years.
  • Have adequate exercising quality in teaching Local Area Network Management and USER Management.

Professional background

2000- Present date: Work as the senior Coordinator for the Documentation Development Department in the McPherson Manufacturing Limited with the following responsibilities

  • Provide necessary analyzing and developmental features for effective LAN engineering.
  • Supply necessary maintenance of application software for helpful Local Area Networking engineering.
  • Supply essential instructions and user maintenance procedures suitable for all functions of LAN users.
  • Provide useful software installation and up-gradation.
  • Implemented and executed an online curriculum for sinking process time with standardization of part usage for further betterment.
  • Implemented and executed an online curriculum for reducing data entry errors.