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Career Objective:

Looking for a position of kitchen assistant to make an excellent carrier in this field.


  • Able to understand basic hygiene requirements related to food handling and personal hygiene.
  • Very good ability to organize material in maximum productivity.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Excellent ability in addition, subtraction, divide and multiple.
  • Able to lift and carry 30 to 50 pounds.
  • Very good ability to read instructions, evaluations and schedules.

Work Experience:

Collins Hotels Inc., Tarrytown, NY

Worked as Food Preparation Worker


  • Responsible for measuring and weighing ingredients.
  • Fowl, poultry, fish and shellfish were cleaned for cooking.
  • Responsible for informing supervisor if there is low supply of food.
  • Food equipment such as glasses, dishes, tableware were loaded into dishwashing machine.
  • Responsible for keeping records of quantity of food used.
  • Responsible for making special sauces and dressings for sandwiches.
  • Did mixture of ingredients for making green salads, fruit salads, pasta salads and vegetable salads.
  • Did cleaning of working areas, tables, utensils, silverware, dishes etc.
  • Carried food supplies, equipment and utensils from work and storage areas.
  • Soups and sauces were stir and strain.
  • Distribute food for serving.
  • Responsible for various other duties as assigned.

Delicious Foods Inc., Minneapolis

Worked as Cook


  • Responsible for preparing and cooking food and serving it to the customers.
  • Provide special dietary requirements as needed.
  • Record of food supplies and freezer were maintained.
  • Responsible for working as a communicator with supervisor during the planning and costing of menus.
  • Make sure about stock rotation.
  • Responsible for ordering stocks and checking deliveries.
  • Valued the stock as said by the supervisor.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned.


High School diploma

Certified Food Handler

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