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Career Objective:

Looking for a junior lecturer position with “City College,” where my internship experience in teaching class fellows could be put into practice and collect experience to become a regular team member of the teaching department.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expert knowledge in the fields of commerce, business management and trade

  • Ability to handle a class of 50 students or more and ensure personal attention to all

  • Well-versed with the teaching techniques and methods of creating teaching materials

  • Self-starter and confident individual with the ability to multi task and handle high pressure jobs

  • High patience levels that help to pay attention, understand and handle every situation in calm manner

  • Have a methodical approach towards coaching a subject and analyzing how much a student has understood

  • Technically proficient and comfortable in using audiovisual equipments, PPT presentations, etc.

Work Experience:

Junior Lecturer

Richmond Institute of Commerce, San Antonio, TX

October 2014 – Present

  • Conducting lectures under the expert guidance of senior lecturers and teaching commerce-related curriculum to students as decided for that day

  • Assisting head lecturers in preparing the slides, chart, projects, information tables and other teaching materials

  • Collecting assignments and project reports from students and correcting them against the quality parameters set by the head lecturer

  • Conducting viva examination of the students and ensuring each one of them gets a fair chance at answering questions

  • Monitoring progress of the students and reporting the same to their parents

  • Identifying weak students and conducting interactive sessions with them to motivate them to work hard and find interest in studies

  • Guiding students in making preparations for representing the school at competitions and workshops

Junior Lecturer

Symonds College, San Antonio, TX

February 2013 – September 2014

  • Conducted classes in the absence of head lecturers and ensured the class does not fall back in their curriculum

  • Maintained attendance record of all students every morning and prepared a list of the students with poor attendance record

  • Conducted research independently to understand the new advancements in subjects that need to be taught to students

  • Encouraged feedback from students and made a note of their views, doubts and complaints and resolved them satisfactorily

  • Provided guidance to the students in conducting research and completing project work, and helped them in getting permissions

  • Coordinated activities with the admissions department and helped them sort out the eligible and deserving students from the total applicants


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education

    (Major – Business Management)

    ABC University, San Antonio, TX



On request.