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Career Objective:

To work as a junior hairstylist and utilize my creative skills and knowledge in hair styling to make a mark in the fashion industry. To be able to work under expert guidance and learn more about the haircare and hairstyling

Summary of Key Skills

  • Thorough knowledge of the scientific aspects of hair growth, hair problems and hair care
  • Familiar with the different hair care products in market and their chemical compositions
  • Aware of the different hair styles suitable for hair that is short, medium or long in length
  • Skilled at using various hair styling tools and instruments with precision
  • Updated with the frequently changing fashion trends and newly launched styles
  • Knowledge of the hairstyles to be designed for weddings, parties, college or corporate life,etc.

Working as a junior hairstylist with Hair Expresso Salon, Philadelphia from July 2010 till date. Also, I have completed nine months of internship at Panache Hair Designers, Philadelphia from October 2009 till June 2010. The most challenging experience was to work with professionals at the 7 – day Fusion Fashion Show, New York held in June 2010.



Primary Responsibilities

  • Stylize hair as per the hair type and facial features of the client. Also, consider the occasion the client wants to attend
  • Perform hair styling techniques to provide clients with desired look for hair – wavy, straight, curled or crumpled hair
  • Experiment with the look of the hair by coloring, dying or bleaching hair and give desired look to the client
  • Practice different hairstyles on mannequins using hair wigs, toupee, hair extensions and artificial curls
  • Provide several services to clients such as hair wash and conditioning, head massage, hair cut, hair styling, hair coloring, etc.
  • Master the skill of operating different styling tools such as combs, clippers, bands, hot irons, curling rods, scissors, etc.
  • Learn about the chemical composition of the hair care products and evaluate its effect on the health of hair
  • Identify allergies and potential side effects of using haircare products and make the users aware about the same

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Advise the clients on taking good care of their hair. Give them tips and solutions on following common haircare practices
  • Analyze the hair type and suggest use of oils, shampoos and conditioners with ingredients suitable to the hair type
  • Attend seminars and training sessions for acquiring expert knowledge about latest hair styles and styling methods
  • Respond to the client queries and provide suitable solutions to their hair care problems
  • Maintain high standards of hygiene by cleaning the styling tools after every use and replacing them periodically

Educational qualifications

  • Diploma in Haircare and Hairstyling

    Philadelphia University, 2009


Will be provided on request

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