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Career Objective:

Highly meticulous and focused Database Administrator seeking a mid-level position with ‘XYZ Organization’ to use my strong background and exceptional understanding of database system for timely completion of projects to meet company objectives.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good understanding of the relational database model with implementation techniques along with theoretical background of NoSQL databases

  • Comprehensive knowledge of SQL, various programming languages, and ways to optimize SQL in projects

  • Extensive experience in designing, coding, and supporting database solutions using Oracle server, and Microsoft SQL Server environment

  • Familiar with database-backed web solutions by implementing proper data security, backup, and recovery measures to protect confidential information

  • Excellent organizational, and analytical skills

  • Team player and good people skills

Work Experience:

Junior DBA

Nextiva Corus Group, Kansas City, MO

August 2016 – Present

  • Performing troubleshooting, administration, monitoring, tuning, and operational functions on Oracle databases for multiple projects

  • Writing and troubleshooting database procedures, functions and triggers to optimize the results given by company software

  • Proactively responding to database alerts by installing, upgrading, migrating and configuring SQL servers to resolve issues

  • Managing duties like troubleshooting, tuning input/output to enhance database performance

  • Working with DBA team members to provide client requirements, and suggestions to the developer team related to database activities

Junior DBA

Hylink Tech Solutions, Kansas City, MO

March 2014 – July 2016

  • Ensured regular operation and availability of SQL server database, and tuning of databases for optimal performance

  • Developed and maintained in-depth understanding of the database architecture as well as the functionality used to maintain data integrity

  • Provided weekly, monthly, and quarterly database checklist with the current trending reports to help e-commerce clients improve user-experience

  • Consistently updated and improved program module codes to enhance the performance of database management system

  • Designed user-friendly graphical interfaces for quick, and easy access of the client websites increasing page hits by 45%

  • Took responsibility to investigate potential problems and issues raised by business clients to provide quick and reliable solutions

Associate Software Engineer

Hylink Tech Solutions, Kansas City, MO

October 2011 – February 2014

  • Worked in team responsible for managing and administering SQL server instances installed on Windows operating system

  • Performed duties associated with multiple databases related to consistency checks, and took responsibility to do regular data backups on the server

  • Created custom database reporting tools by coding frequently used modules, procedures, macro functions, and repeated queries in PL-SQL

  • Proposed conversion of Oracle PL-SQL code to Perl CGI web application for client websites resulting in platform independence, and decreased percentage of missing data

  • Coordinated with team for different projects to monitor product life cycle, and performed tests for configuration or installation

  • Performed daily Microsoft SQL server support activities including backup of database and recovery of sensitive data in case of system failure


Engineering Intern (DBA)

ImageTrend Incorporation, Kansas City, MO

August 2010 – September 2011

  • Developed SQL join queries to assist the IT staff in the development and testing process

  • Designed and deployed data table structures, forms, reports, and queries to manage and archive reliability test data

  • Researched and analyzed database trends to prepare insightful reports on database performance improvements

  • Produced findings and conclusion by performing data analysis to present data analysis reports to the supervisor

  • Assisted in multiple projects to fill business requirements and meet objectives as required


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

    University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO



  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate, 2015

    Microsoft SQL Server Database Certification, 2013


On request.