Create an IT resume with a template to help you get your dream job

Your resume is often the very first thing recruiters or potential employers see of you. The resume is the calling card on the way to a new job! To be invited for an introduction or considered for an application, your resume must be perfect. But how do you make a good resume? Creating a resume is not easy. But, to be successful, your resume must stand out.

Your IT resume should be eye-catching!

A standout resume consists of a resume that grabs and holds attention. A resume stands out because of color, images, shapes, headings, diagrams, etc.

Your IT resume must be professional!

A resume is a business document and must therefore also be modern. A resume is professional because of, for example, colors that match well, length, shape, structure, readability, etc. Only an impressive resume passes the initial screening and is carefully examined. Then your resume must be very professional to be included in the procedure so that you are invited for an interview!

Resume templates make it easier for everyone to create a resume that stands out and is modern. The advantage of a resume template is that you can easily create a perfect resume. In addition, the templates can be completely personalized to your specific wishes. The resume templates are made so that you can easily and quickly compose your resume in Word! We even explain the resume templates in the text manual that contain every template package for extra support.

Keep IT resume simple and concise

A big advantage of a modern resume template is that you have a lot of freedom. For example, you can choose which font color you use and which order you keep. So let your creativity run free, but make sure that it remains clear!

You have a lot more leeway in designing a modern resume than with a traditional resume. The days of just black and white are over. The addition of color to your resume is the most visually noticeable change you can make. Be careful not to exaggerate. Use a few colors that match well. For readability, it is recommended to use a dark color for the text. However, this is not necessary if you find a color combination that makes it easy to read.

The length and shape of a contemporary resume can also deviate from the usual standard. Three, four, or even five pages is not inconceivable in the modern resume template. But, again, keep in mind the type of company you are applying to. It will be more applicable to some companies than others.