Investigator resume examples

How to write your investigator’s resume? What information should be highlighted? Does my resume have to be one page or two pages? Do I have to put my leisure time? As soon as we have to write our resume, we have a whole series of questions that come to mind and we do not know where to start! We give you here the resume templates and examples to make a success of your resume for an investigator.

How to write a resume for an investigator job

Without a doubt, one of the most complex parts when it comes to preparing your research resume. The design of the document must be adapted to the company or institution to which you are going to present your application. However, almost as a general rule, using a simple resume design is recommended. Now that your resume is ready, you can apply for the vacancies that suit you. If you do not have a response from the company within the following 15 days, do not hesitate to relaunch the company by email.