Information Analyst Resume

Academic Background

  • Achieve Master of Business Administration Degree from the Northeastern Poly technique University, California in the year of 1992 at Information Analyst as the major
  • Get Bachelor of Science Degree from the Southwestern Poly Technique University, Florida in the year of 1986 at Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics as the major subject

Computer Skills


  • Adept at the analysis of information by use of various software
  • Able to use MS Office software application
  • Conversant with different types of web designing software like Web Studio, Dreamweaver
  • Also mastered website building software like Jumla, Magento

Professional background

1993- Present date: Work as the Information Analyst at the California Energy Cooperation, California with the following job responsibilities

  • Execute Novell System Administrative responsibilities on a 44-file server and 4000 user network chain
  • Perform as an associate for experiencing new implementation of allocating VAX users as well IBM mass users
  • Provide necessary Association for contacting remote workstations passing through the Novell Access Servers and ISN as well as Terminal Servers in few occasions
  • Provide essential measures for IBM 3670 SAA gateway software implementation and valuable up-gradation
  • Provide developmental measures for system design with due highlighting on memory optimization for numbers of computers on the network
  • Take necessary actions for maintaining tape back up components, Cabletron MMAC hubs, UPS and added storage devices
  • Supply necessary maintenance for DOS and Windows operating systems