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Career Objective:

An independent contractor position with an IT company to help clients manage system integration issues.

Summary of Skills:

  • Experienced in conducting background investigation and implementing security measures

  • Strong knowledge of system integration techniques

  • Capable of meeting deadlines and working independently

  • Sound knowledge of insurance, automobile and retail business processes

  • Customer-focused and hardworking

  • Familiar with independent contractor law

  • Ability to work for long hours and handle multiple assignments

Work Experience:

Independent Contractor – Computer Programming

WorldSpace Satellite Radio, Miami, FL

2012 – present

  • Carrying out billing system integration of Portal Infra-net 6.5FP3

  • Developing 8 custom opcodes that are known as data managers and applying the redeemed gift cards as new payment types. Other opcodes include credit card, adhoc gift card and direct debit payments despite of the default payment type of customer

  • Designing and developing data managers coding for real-time gift card validation to communicate with prepaid card vendor using XML messaging

  • Authorizing design specifications, required documents and unit testing plans

  • Implementing models for the account creation tools that are used by CSR

  • Analyzing data to find and fix memory leaks, and performing purified builds of custom code

  • Writing utility scripts and automated test scripts to restore and dump the database

  • Developing a custom application for purified data manager testing

Independent Contractor

T-System/Era-PTC, Miami, FL

2009 – 2012

  • Managed billing system integration of Portal Infra-net 6.5FP3, Tibco, BSCS, and BMP

  • Authored design and functional specifications

  • Provided knowledge about portal Infra-net that included designing and implementation of data managers and custom opcodes, and extending the infra-net data-model

  • Developed price plans for Era’s products

  • Carried out event post-rating policy customizations

  • Provided training to the team members on Infranet API, pricing configurations, and focused on preventing cm core dumps, on trouble-shooting pointer errors

  • Developed event loader templates for loading prepaid SMS/MMS/GPRS CDR’s from BMP

  • Performed integration tests, and adjusted the system for performance

Other Computer-related interests:

Digital Image Processing, Audio Processing/Compression/Streaming, Freeware Java Runtime Environment Development, Genetic Algorithms, Web Server Programming/Development, Web Client Programming/Development.

Current Personal Projects:

The AbC-lounge http://abc-lounge

The Sony C1 Technical Homepage and mailing list

The Talent Programmers http://www.talent


BS in Computer Science

ABC University, Miami, FL



On request.