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Career Objective:

Candidate who is well versed in handling tools, repairing heavy equipment, and mechanical repair procedures, seeks a heavy equipment mechanic position in a prestigious organization.

Professional Strengths:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of repairing and maintaining heavy equipment, diesel engines and tools
  • Extensive knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical repair
  • In-depth knowledge of methods of operating and maintaining different types of heavy construction equipment
  • Skilled in operating and inspecting heavy equipment or machines to diagnose malfunction or defects
  • Possess ability to modify, repair and overhaul constituents of equipment
  • Skilled in maintaining records in terms of schedule as well as preventive maintenance carried on heavy equipment
  • Possess strong computer and electronic knowledge

Professional Experience:

Organization: Heavy Equipment Manufactures Inc, Georgina
Duration: October 2013 till date
Designation: Heavy Equipment Mechanic

  • Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting various kinds of heavy equipment like reclaim, rollers and milling machines, graders, paver and loaders
  • Handle tasks of repairing and replacing equipment parts such as drums, seals, buckets, gears, rods, hydraulic pumps and electric motors
  • Perform task of installing and maintaining windshield wipers, radio, heaters and mirrors
  • Handle responsibilities of fabricating and assembling components like power, industrial and machinery
  • Perform tasks of repairing and replacing pistons, bearings, crankshafts, hydraulic drivers and clutches
  • Handle tasks of repairing miscellaneous equipment like forklifts, welding machines and chain saws

Organization: Heavy Machine Services, Georgina
Duration: August 2010 to September 2013
Designation: Heavy Equipment Mechanic Helper

  • Assist mechanics in inspecting, repairing and maintaining heavy mobile equipment
  • Handle tasks of fitting bearings to repair, adjust or overhaul hydraulic, mobile mechanical and pneumatic equipment
  • Responsible for repairing, rewriting and troubleshooting electrical systems
  • Handle responsibilities of examining parts for excessive wear or defective using gauges and micrometers
  • Perform tasks of cleaning parts by immersing in tanks of solvent or spraying with grease solvent
  • Responsible for adjusting, maintaining and repairing or replacing sub assemblies such as crawler heads and transmissions using jacks, hand tools and cranes

Educational Summary:

Achieved High School Diploma, Maria High School, Georgina


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

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