Health Services Coordinator Resume

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess sound knowledge of various diagnosis techniques, medical procedures, and clinical terminologies

  • Ability to handle emergency issues and capable of informing concerned medical specialists for provision of timely treatments

  • Skilled at maintaining inventory and adept in preparing list of items to be ordered

  • Capable of performing laboratory tests, maintaining accurate records of vital signs, and overseeing patient’s symptoms

  • Ability to explain patients’ family about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prescribed medication

  • Adept in counseling patient, and clearing their doubts about the overall treatment

  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills

  • Team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills

Work Experience:

Health Services Coordinator

KentuckyOne Health Clinic, Atlanta, GA

December 2016 – Present

  • Developing and monitoring health coordination processes for various patients, and supporting primary clinical teams for performing medical tests

  • Submitting patient’s feedback to the concerned doctor, and regularly updating daily charts to monitor improvement in conditions

  • Registering patients for clinical appointments with specialist doctors using the hospital’s database

  • Coordinating with the support team to telephone and interview patient’s family member for recording accurate pre-registration information, and confirming doctor’s appointment

  • Reviewing the health reports and prescriptions given by the doctor to organize the patient’s laboratory tests and medical examinations using specific machines as required

  • Checking inventory to assess the stock of medicines and preparing a list of items such as syringes, injections, etc. in shortage for placing timely orders

  • Verifying insurance information of the patient by connecting with the concerned agency and handling payments before permitting discharge from the clinic

Health Services Coordinator

Broward Health Medical Center, Atlanta, GA

May 2013 – November 2016

  • Handled emergency medical cases, and coordinated complete processes related to patient admission, recording of vital signs, and preparation of case papers

  • Coordinated with the clinical teams for managing health reports of patients, and maintained accurate reports of vital signs

  • Collected results of laboratory tests from the pathologist department and distributed them to the concerned medical personnel to aid in proper diagnosis of the patient’s ailment

  • Worked with staff associated with out-patient department, and handled calls to schedule appointments

  • Collaborated with health advisors and clinical care team and involved patients in various activities to improve their health

  • Educated patients’ family about prescribed medications, diet to be followed, regular exercises, care to be taken post discharge, and follow-ups


Health Services Coordinator (Entry-level)

Avenica Medical Center, Atlanta, GA

August 2011 – April 2013

  • Provided support to the medical staff, and maintained accurate patient charts

  • Prepared patients’ medical reports as per lab reports and got them approved by concerned pathologists and doctors

  • Performed basic blood, urine, and sputum tests in the laboratory

  • Record patients’ body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and specific allergies by preparing accurate reports

  • Handled various administrative and clerical duties for the hospital, and maintained updated patient information in the database

  • Consistently provided the patients, various doctors and internal staff with exceptional customer service by performing required duties

  • Served as a liaison between different departments, physicians, medical professionals, nursing staff, patients and their visitors for handling related clinical duties


  • Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration

    Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA



  • Health Care Coordinator Certificate, 2012


On request.

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