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Career Objective:

Highly motivated, organized and certified Gym Instructor with over 6+ years of experience in conducting fitness exercises, suggesting equipment workout sessions, and recommending diet charts. Adept in overseeing the maintenance of gym’s equipment and conducting induction programs for new members. Excellent communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of various exercises related to muscle development, weight loss, stamina and power building

  • In-depth understanding on different gym equipment, their maintenance, and ability to monitor them for timely repairs

  • Skilled in taking regular exercise sessions for 20+ members in a batch, and providing appropriate instructions during the workout

  • Capable of handling gym inductions for the new members, planning personal exercise programs, and conducting basic fitness assessments

  • Ability to design weekly workout plans depending on the individual needs, and suggesting appropriate diet to the clients for improving stamina and strength

  • Exceptional written as well as verbal communication skills

Work Experience:

Senior Instructor


December 2016 – Present

  • Supervising gym members, and providing them information on correct techniques for preventing injuries as well as improving fitness levels

  • Designing diet plans and exercise regimes for individuals suffering from obesity, certain disabilities, health issues or specific ailments

  • Demonstrating the correct way to use exercise equipment available within the gym’s premises and monitoring their misuse by the members

  • Providing assistance to the new members of the gym by explaining them about appropriate use of the equipment and giving detailed instructions to avoid dangerous mishaps

  • Conducting 3 batches of 20+ members for various types of exercises such as stretching, aerobics, muscle conditioning, yoga and meditation

  • Overseeing exercises performed by the gym members, and correcting their postures and techniques for maximum benefits

  • Performing various duties including tidying up equipment, signing up new members, offering gym inductions, and providing information about the gym facilities

Gym Instructor

FITOCRATIC, Birmingham, AL

May 2014 – November 2016

  • Managed personal fitness sessions for 20+ clients, prepared weekly diet charts, and designed workout plans

  • Planned workout sessions specific matching with individual’s age, height, weight, and medical conditions

  • Ensured optimal conditions of equipment in the gym, and provided detailed instructions regarding their use

  • Coordinated with other instructors at the gym to initiate new exercising sessions such as yoga, aerobics, and cardio kickboxing for attracting new clients

  • Worked with the gym owner to develop interactive exercise programs by incorporating innovative workout methods, and increased clientèle by 33%

  • Handled informative sessions regarding exercise routines to be followed and necessary diet intake to be adopted for clients

  • Ensured clients are exercising safely and effectively by following instructions from their personal trainers

  • Provided health coaching and nutritional counseling to clients for improving certain health issues such as blood pressure, obesity, etc.

Gym Instructor (Entry-level)

Optimus Health Club, Birmingham, AL

August 2012 – April 2014

  • Assisted clients in gaining and losing weight, developing muscles, and building strength and stamina

  • Assessed the needs of individuals, and suggested appropriate exercise as well as diet routines for improvement of stamina

  • Conducted individual training lessons for interested clients on the basis of their personal goals, strength, and needs

  • Provided assistance to the participants for improving their health and well-being by deciding fitness goals, giving health assessments, and suitable advice as per individual needs

  • Demonstrated correct methods of exercising, and inspected clients while workout

  • Led, instructed, and motivated individuals or groups for various exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercises, stretching and strength training with the help of equipment available at the gym

  • Coordinated with the clients to conduct assessments for developing exercise plans, establishing healthy nutritional behaviors, and motivating them to succeed


  • Diploma in Personal Fitness Training

    University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL


  • Associate degree in Physical Fitness

    University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL



On request.

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