GUI Designer Resume

Professional Experience:

Strawberry Technologies, New York

January 2010 – Present

Senior engineer – GUI design

Team size – 6


  • Interacting with clients from time to time effectively
  • Understand the product and customer’s expectations related to user interface
  • Designing and editing GUI with innovation and creativity with the help of graphs, charts, other diagrams, etc.
  • Accordingly providing creative GUI design for all the user interface elements
  • Conceptual GUI development with GUI developers
  • Co-ordinate and collaborate with team leads, managers, writers and editors
  • Co-operating in providing GUI design documentation
  • Supporting the team mates

Banana Technologies, New York

November 2005 – January 2010

GUI designer

Team size – 5


  • Understanding the product thoroughly and understanding GUI needs of customer
  • Providing effective and user friendly GUI design
  • Creating interactive and effective visualisations with the help of MS office applications
  • Co-ordinating GUI design with writers, editors, team leaders and managers
  • Preparing design documents and reports
  • Selecting the GUI design tools accordingly
  • Conceptual GUI development with GUI developers

Technical Skills


  • Front end technologies : Flash, Javascript
  • Design tools: photoshop, dreamweaver, HTML, flash
  • OOD, UI designing

Educational Qualifications


  • Master of Science in management and systems from New York University
  • Digital and graphic design courses – Flash I (foundation) and Flash II (essentials) from New York University



  1. Robert Smith

    Senior Manager – UI design

    Strawberry Technologies

    New York, USA

  2. Creig Black

    Managing Director

    Banana Technologies

    New York, USA

We hope that this resume will help you to create your own GUI designer resume. Resume writing is a skill and one should write his/her resume in such a manner that it would hide his/her flaws and enhance the plus points in his/her career. For example, if educational qualifications of a person are not so attractive, but his/her GUI practical experience is really rich, then in that case, one should write the experience part should come first and educational qualifications should be at the end of his/her resume. Similarly, if a person has wide experience in different technologies and techniques used for GUI designing in various applications and his/her experience in years is less; in that case he/she needs to elaborate the technologies and techniques used for GUI designing before writing the years of experience. We wish you the best to prepare a perfect and good resume that suits your career profile.

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