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Career Objective:

Highly-motivated, enthusiastic, and professional Graphic Programmer with more than 5 years of experience in designing, developing, testing, and debugging code for 2D and 3D computer graphics software or applications. Capable of identifying and solving software issues and implementing new graphics application features. Knowledge of Java and C++ programming languages, 3D mathematics, graphics programming, engines and standard APIs. Possess excellent communication, team-working, problem-solving, analytical, time management, and multi-tasking skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of coding processes, methodologies and standards; graphic engine design and implementation, game programming strategies, CPU/GPU optimization, software design and debugging practices, graphic pipelines, graphics rendering architectures, and API, shading language and object oriented programming

  • Expertise in writing well-structured programs as well as optimize code, and graphics performance

  • Highly skilled in C, C++, Java and object oriented design, Visual Studio IDE, 3D programming and mathematics, data structures and algorithms

  • Proficiency with graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, HLSL and STL programming languages as well as familiarity with graphics APIs such as Open GL, Microsoft Direct X and libGCM

  • Detail-oriented with technical problem-solving and strong analytical skills

  • Strong leadership and mentoring skills along with the ability to work in cross-functional teams

  • Effective written and verbal communication skills along with the ability to maintain relations with programmers, artists, designers as well as non-technical team members

  • Ability to cope with a fast-paced and dynamic work environment as well as make effective decisions under pressure

  • Sel-motivated and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and complete work within specified deadlines

  • Ability to maintain up-to-date knowledge of current graphic techniques as well as latest industry trends and developments

Work Experience:

Graphic Programmer

Code-masters Group, Chicago, IL

November 2017 – Present

  • Liaising with programmers, developers, artists, designers, and testers to analyze business or user requirements as well as develop, debug, and execute quality code using C++, Java, STL and HLSL languages for websites, game and other software applications

  • Developing new and improved features or functionalities for existing applications in graphics pipeline as well as implementing graphic algorithms, techniques, and processes that meet design specifications, artistic, and technical requirements of projects

  • Designing, developing, and maintaining visual systems as per new graphic techniques and research as well as optimizing graphic systems and related code or data sources to improve performance, execution speed, and memory usage

  • Participated in installing and upgrading graphic software applications on simulators as well as supporting technical teams in troubleshooting, and debugging graphical issues as and when required

  • Contributing in the development, implementation and enhancement of graphics engine as well as providing technical assistance or support in porting existing models and effects in new engines as required

  • Reviewing work of junior programmers and helping them to understand large and complex codebase as well as recommending innovative ideas in the areas of application or game development and production
Graphic Programmer

UniSoft Solutions, Chicago, IL

February 2015 – October 2017

  • Worked with the design team, artists, and technical director to design, implement, and document new application or game features

  • Designed, developed, and installed graphics software applications as well as worked with the programming and development team in analyzing, resolving, and debugging software issues

  • Provided assistance or support in researching, designing, integrating, improving, and identifying extensions to the graphics technologies as well as developing and expanding next-generation graphics pipeline including rendering techniques

  • Gathered and interpreted run-time system resource information as well as analyzed technical feasibility and feature specifications of systems and recommended successful graphical approaches for software or game projects

  • Participated in code reviews, pair-programming and white-board meetings on a regular basis as well as ensured code compliance with established programming standards or practices

Junior Graphic Programmer

SEGA Tech Solutions, Chicago, IL

December 2013 – January 2015

  • Researched new graphic implementation techniques and assessed their suitability for existing engines as well as assisted in analyzing documentation on new hardware and software systems to implement new features

  • Worked collaboratively with technical and designing team to build and maintain new graphic tools as well as assisted in installing, upgrading, and enhancing functionality of various graphic software or game applications

  • Designed, developed and executed efficient and reliable software programs as per design specifications as well as assisted in performing proper resolution, tuning and debugging activities through C++ and Java languages

  • Performed peer code reviews as required as well as maintained code performance through efficient profiling and optimization techniques


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Graphics

    Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

    DePaul University, Chicago, IL



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