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Career Objective:

Seek to work as a Furnace operator on basis of thorough working knowledge about furnaces and expert in repair and maintenance work of the same.

Key Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge about operating a furnace and work related manufacturing techniques
  • Profound knowledge of chemical compositions, structure, properties and reactions of different chemicals on heating
  • Proficient knowledge of design, usage, repairs and maintenance of several work related tools, instruments and equipment
  • Efficient physical fitness levels that allow working in harsh environmental conditions

Work Summary:

Furnace Operator

PQR Manufacturing Inc, San Diego

October 2014 – till date


  • Monitor operation of the furnace and make certain the equipment functions smoothly. Check device for any defects, leakages or malfunctioning.
  • Perform repairs of the furnaces. Remove blockages or tend leakages as per requirement
  • Weigh and measure quantities of raw materials to be added to the furnace, using scales and weighing machines etc.
  • Lift, load and transport materials from the furnace area to processing area
  • Record details of the units produced and maintain production log book

Furnace Operator

XYZ Manufacturing Inc, San Diego

September 2013 – September 2014


  • Perform routine maintenance duties of cleaning, lubricating machineries and equipment, using scrapers, solvents, oils and air hoses
  • Conduct analysis of the drawn out metals samples and check the samples for compliance with quality, weight, size, shape and color specifications
  • Supervise functioning of the furnaces and observe the air, temperature, pressure, fluidity readings. Make adjustments, if required to ensure production as per specifications
  • Perform the furnace operation conferring to safety standards and precautionary measures

Educational Qualification:

  • High School Diploma, New York Technical School


On request.

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