Forester Resume

Job Objective:

Hardworking, flexible and experienced forester seeking a senior position with the ‘ABC Foresters Company’ where I can use my knowledge to make optimum quality products from timber, and also ensure protection of forest cover in the assigned area.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent observational and monitoring skills to oversee forest lands and maintain resources

  • Basic knowledge of seeds, plantation, shrub trimming, harvesting techniques, and management operations

  • Capable of negotiating terms of agreements and contracts for leasing, crop harvesting, and forest management

  • Sound knowledge of surveying and mapping timber lands in the forest to assist in profit generation timber business

  • Ability to coordinate with team, maintain inventory, and use effective methods to get proper value in the market

  • Exceptional organizational skills to prioritize tasks orderly

  • Ability to provide advice and make recommendations on forestry issues using sound communication skills

Work Experience:


USDA Forest Service, Rosewell Station, Rosewell, New Mexico

January 2017 – Present

  • Monitoring contract basis forestry activities to ensure government regulations are properly being adhered

  • Developing short and long-term plans to ensure conservation of forest resources and ensuring wildlife habitat is not disturbed

  • Processing and analyzing timber inventory data from the mills to determine silvicultural treatments to be carried out on fields

  • Coordinating work activities with company staff and locals to ensure target production is accomplished within set timeframes

  • Planning and overseeing various forestry projects like planting new seeds, managing seedling growth, or nurseries and determining where to plant trees for maximum cultivation

  • Negotiating purchase of fiber and timber from big timberland holding companies and processing it in mills to produce the finest products


Monopoly Timberland Management Pvt. Ltd., Rosewell, New Mexico

March 2014 – December 2016

  • Managed family-owned timberland spread over 25K+ acres in the city and negotiated by-product prices with the vendors

  • Oversaw timber areas in the forest and determined methods to remove and cut timber from trees to minimize waste

  • Ensured minimal environmental damage by taking prompt actions to suppress accidental forest fires by calling emergency help services on time

  • Studied current forest covers, developed and implemented project plans for the conservation of natural habitat for wildlife animals

  • Oversaw the quality of inbound timber before sending it to the mill processing and checked the final product for quality and specifications

  • Collaborated with the timber mills and handled company’s inventory investment on the basis of market’s present conditions according to requirements of the mill

  • Facilitated weekly meetings with the mill owners to determine weekly goals for timber product production and fiber procurement

Forestry Technician

Tim’s Forestry Incorporation, Rosewell, New Mexico

July 2012 – February 2014

  • Participated in annual wildlife surveys to determine the percentage of forest cover in the state and record habitats

  • Tracked wildlife movements in the forests to understand the number of species existing in the area

  • Collaborated with Environmental Monitoring and Research Initiative carried out by the agricultural department of government and generated statistical reports

  • Studied movements of wildlife animals on the basis of photographs and collected footprint samples

  • Marked percentage of timber on industrial landholdings and created timber harvest plans (THPs) without affecting the produce

  • Collaborated with arborists to cultivate, manage and prepare individual study reports on trees, shrubs and experimented in horticulture

  • Actively participated in forest conservation activities


  • Bachelor of Science in Forestry

    Eastern New Mexico University, Rosewell, NM



  • TCIA Certified Treecare Saftey Professional, 2015

    ISA Certified TreeClimber Specialist, 2014


On request.