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Financial service consultant resume sample

Career Summary:

A highly talented and hardcore finance expert with astounding track record in planning finance for startups, mid and large-sized companies. Expertise in reducing business operations cost, enhancing business operations efficiency, generating bottom-line growth, business development, and domestic and international market. Remarkable abilities in providing recommendations and suggestion on investment, marketing, and implementation of technology. Proven track record in planning and implementing financial models as per company’s needs, acquisition, and merger. Excellent track record in financial restructuring, and making investment plans. Sound experienced in meeting company goals with strategic financial planning and accounting skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent strategic planning, finance, and accounting skills to handle all the responsibilities of finance for companies of different scale
  • Remarkable experience in financial analysis and consulting for guiding companies in purchasing the right financial products
  • Ability to analyze financial records and prepare financial statements and suggesting future actions
  • Skilled in handling the entire mergers and acquisitions process right from the start to finish
  • Thorough knowledge of cost accounting, profit and loss management, and preparing business forecasts
  • Strong wealth management, investments, customer service, and financial planning skills
  • Proficient in financial analysis, upgrading business operations, reducing production cost, and interacting with cross functional teams.
  • Experienced in initiating plans and techniques necessary for the improvement of business performance
  • Polished coordination, negotiation, and communication skills with great leadership skills to handle a team of finance executives
  • Sound knowledge of finance and accounting software and experienced in implementing the same for optimizing business operations
  • Strong analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills

Work Experience:

Financial Service Consultant

Commercia Group of Industries, Stlouis, MO

April 2017-Present

  • Selling finance and insurance programs to all types of customers and generating additional revenue for the company
  • Planning and drafting plans for merger and acquisitions, and working with the sales team to sell insurance for new and used vehicles
  • Developing relationships with cross-functional teams and customers, and streamlining the sales process so that the insurance products reach to the customers fast
  • Maintaining relationships with debtors and lenders, producing and submitting paperwork for securing, and lending funds
  • Providing detailed presentations to customers on insurance programs, competitors brands, and making a clear presentation on the benefits the company’s products offer
  • Initiating, developing, and implementing proper guidelines for the finance and sales team to ensure maximum customer satisfaction
  • Following local, state, and federal laws and policies in processing finance and insurance programs
  • Ensuring the business operations are conducting in ethical and professional manner, and the company is generating profit every year
  • Processing and completing paperworks necessary for sales of insurance products, correcting title, and other lien information as well as streamlining claim process

Financial Consultant

Jaguar Trading Company, Stlouis, MO

January 2013-March 2017

  • Designed and implemented a robust reporting systems that helped in forecasting and enhancing cash flow, and identifying business opportunities in the investment sector
  • Planned and implemented various insurance programs that help the company in increasing revenue by $3.5M
  • Motivated the sales team in pushing insurance products, and meeting monthly and annual sales target
  • Assisted the accounting department in preparing internal budget for the entire functioning departments of the company, and recommended methods in reducing operation costs by 20%
  • Organized events and programs, and provided education to industries and individuals on investments
  • Followed business code and ethics, and increased customers for the company by 30% than the previous years
  • Provided financial guidance to clients as well as executed service requests and transactions
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams and other organizations to increase sales and revenue for the company

Chief Financial Officer

Tecron Limited, Stlouis, MO

December 2011-February 2017

  • Handled financial operations of the company and built a strong sales team that contributed in increasing annual sales by $80M
  • Participated in several corporate negotiations and streamlined underwriting process to draw a mutual understanding between lenders and investors
  • Sold investment products to organizations and individuals and exceeded company’s expected revenue by 22%
  • Contributed in planning and development of policies that bridged the gap between customers and the management
  • Supervised the financial and IT management functions of the company and provided strategic direction
  • Developed healthy relationships with stakeholders, investors, and internal teams


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

    Eagle University, Stlouis, MO

  • Diploma in Information Technology

    Pioneer IT Institute, Stlouis, MO



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