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Career Objective:

Drawing a thin line between income and expenditure is a must to lead a debt-free life, and that is what many fail to do. As an experienced financial counselor, I would like to help clients plan and manage their finances, chose the best insurance policy, save for retirement, medical, and other personal expenses.

Summary of Skills

  • Experience in financial counseling and finance management
  • Ability to guide and assist clients in overcoming financial problems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of policies and procedures of banks, and financial institutions
  • Skilled in assessing personal finances and providing solutions
  • Ability to collect credit history, current interest rate, late payment charges, etc.
  • Experience in reading loan, insurance, mortgage, and other types of financial documents
  • Skilled in assisting clients in developing payment plans and settle dues

Work Experience:

Financial Counselor
Principal Financial Group, Saint Louis, MO
December 2013 – Present

  • Meeting clients and collecting information of personal finances
  • Reading tax documents, bank statements, credit card statements, and loan documents
  • Reviewing all financial documents and determining total debt amount in comparison to income
  • Meeting creditors and developing debt payment plans and negotiating on interest rate
  • Collecting credit reports and current credit history and determining client’s worth for services
  • Working with clients and assisting in forming payment plans to settle bills
  • Advising clients in settling delinquent bills first and avoid litigation

Financial Counselor
ABC Finance, Saint Louis, MO
February 2012 – November 2013

  • Assisted clients in making retirement plans, choosing insurance policies, and saving for medical expenses
  • Educated clients in minimizing the use of credit cards and making cash payment whenever possible
  • Developed payment plans for clients and negotiated on interest and late fee with credit card providers
  • Providing counseling services for managing shaky finances of clients
  • Educated clients in managing their money and avoid financial problems
  • Guided clients on how banks charge interest and late fee on credit card dues
  • Helped clients in reducing debts and leading a happy and debt-free life


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
    National College, Saint Louis, MO


On request.

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