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Career Objective:

Research-oriented and experienced Field Investigator searching for an opportunity at “Tenet Insurance Company” to use my strong background in identifying false motor insurance claims and solving disputes.

Summary of Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of various insurance policies as well as the terms and conditions followed by the company

  • Ability to conduct thorough investigation and identify suspects making catastrophic claims regarding vehicle damages

  • In-depth information about the procedures followed post claims, and related federal laws

  • Expertise in collecting evidence to understand monetary damages to clients, and identify the person at fault to defend client

  • Capable of identifying staged vehicle collisions, exaggeration of vehicle damage for monetary gains

  • Ability to travel to distance locations, and assess seriousness of medical injuries, and get evidence for claimed insurance

  • Ability to coordinate with police offers in critical cases, and give proper guidance to clients

  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills

Work Experience:

Field Investigator

CACI International Incorporation, New York, NY

November 2016 – Present

  • Conducting detail background check on claimants, and gathering information for defending the cases

  • Collaborating with the police department to obtain fingerprints, and live footage of the incident to determine the speed of vehicles at the incident’s time

  • Interviewing both the parties, and gathering information about speed, history of rash driving, and driving under influence

  • Drafting thorough investigative reports on findings, and submitting it to the claims processing department for approval or rejection, as applicable

  • Coordinating with the insurance team to go undercover in complex cases

  • Inspecting damage caused to the client’s car, and verifying the amount specified on insurance claim document

  • Performing random inspections on client vehicles, including various types of cars, commercial vehicles, or transport buses to verify their compliance with the state’s law

Field Investigator

Oraheal Insurance Services, New York, NY

January 2015 – October 2016

  • Collected information of clients, paid premiums, or pending installments before studying the case

  • Visited site to identify the severity of the damage in vehicles, and prepared detailed reports

  • Informed clients about the evidence found at the location as well as the levied charges against him/her by the third party

  • Studied accusations and amount of insurance claimed by clients after inspecting accident vehicles

  • Collected evidences from on-road cameras, mobiles, and interviewed witnesses to identify the real culprits in major cases

  • Conducted separate interviews for clients, and the involved party to understand their story as well as inspected both the vehicles

  • Investigated complex claims, and events involving major automobile accidents to probe it from different aspects, and suggested possible causes to police

Field Investigator

Livonia Corporation, New York, NY

October 2012 – December 2014

  • Understood different policies offered by the firm as well as the rules associated with the contracts

  • Took responsibility to understand the tasks associated with auto insurance, and observed senior field investigators to learn about the procedures followed

  • Conducted separate meetings with the clients to record statements, and details of the alleged car accident

  • Met clients to examine the damage to the vehicle, and verified the claims made on paper

  • Traveled to locations to observe the damage caused in multi-car accidents, and assisted in police verification procedures for the company’s clients

  • Collected CCTV footage from the state’s transport department to identify the accused

  • Studied complex cases by recreating scenes, and drafted thorough investigative reports


  • Associate Degree in Insurance Services

    New York University, New York, NY


  • Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator

    International Association of Special Investigation Unit, New York, NY



On request.

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